One More About New York

Riding the subway a couple of Fridays ago I was reading Time Out New York to see all the things that I could have done if I vacationed there that week, instead of Martinique.

Flipping through the pages, I stumbled upon this Q&A:


Now, well, I'm not a big drinker (the term "cheap date" comes to mind) but this sounds worth a try. Next time that I'm in New York on a Monday evening, you'll know where to find me.


Yes--booze and craft!!

i saw that too. am definitely intrigued.

I live in the Wrong City!

that's cool & all, but I'd much rather booze & knit in Martinique!

A former co-worker attends this gathering. I never did make it there with him.

hhmmm, i never knew that!

Thanks for the tip! I missed that in TONY, and conveniently have class nearby on Mondays at 8:15.

I'm just impressed that it's a guy who wrote in with the question...that's awesome.

Oh, hey, thanks for this--just a few blocks from work!

I've never even heard of the place! Thanks for the tip.

I keep thinking about going back and that looks like a fun thing to do (right before catching a bus back at 10) after a day of knitting and exploring.

Now that is what Boston really needs - a place to booze and craft - Leave it to the English to think of that.

Having boozed and crafted, I would recommend a simple rib or stockinette sock. Sometimes the boozing can lead to mistakes and an unfortunate disregard for such mistakes; the next morning isn't pretty in so many ways.

Sweet! Though there's been informal discussion of knittin' and boozin', nothing's firmed up in Chicago.

Next time I'm in Ze Apple, I'll find these places. Thanks!


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