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I'm having trouble creating interesting titles for my posts.

I want to write a little bit more about fabric shopping in the Garment District. This is mostly for myself, as a way to remember a couple of interesting stores I encountered. I can predict that pretty soon I'm going to toss or lose the few business cards I collected on that day.


Wow! I've never seen a fabric like this for sale to normal folk like myself. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but it's a piece of (wool?) felt with those strands of white felt sewn onto it. This was proof that the range of product available in New York is deeper than in most other places. Certainly I haven't encountered anything similar to this in the few fabric stores we have in downtown Boston.

It was a wee spendy--something like $60 a yard. But, if you consider that you would probably need no more than a yard or so for a skirt, that's not a lot to pay for something this unusual. I would love to sew a long, narrow A-line skirt from this, but I wonder if my machine could handle two (or more) layers of this dense material. I'll test its strength on the swatch.

The swatch came from N.Y. Elegant Fabrics, on W. 40th. Although the store didn't have exactly what I was looking for silk-wise, the selection of heavier fabrics (like the swatch above) was impressive. I'll definitely return. I found the staff helpful, and (as you already know) the inventory inspiring.

Before visiting this store, I stopped by Mood. You TV watchers know Mood, right? It's the store that's on Project Runway. I can't claim to know much about the the program or its format, because I don't watch the show, but others have told me that this store is featured prominently.

Upon entering one could tell that the place had very high hip factor. There were loads of young, chromatically coiffed design-types fingering expensive designer fabrics. And maybe if I had been in the market for a print designed by or produced for a big-name fashion person, I would have found my place. I wasn't. I found the store completely overwhelming and expensive (for what I wanted). In fairness to Mood, I'm always going to find a store with stacked bolts (rather than ones that are vertically shelved) to be overwhelming. To me, it's a store that cannot be fully appreciated after only one visit, rather it's a place that could slowly grow in appeal, as I learned the inventory.

In the end, I was happy with my purchase, and it should be no surprise to me that it came from a teeny store rather than somewhere like Mood. In all things shopping I seem to do better at small stores.

And, one more thing, I just saw this link on Nikki-Shell. Apparently sewing could be the new knitting (although don't expect to see any photographs of subway seamstresses on this blog any time soon). This gives me hope that we'll soon begin to see some more innovative designs available to the home sewer.


I love sewing and knitting, and I am new to both, I shop at fabric row in philly during the summer, when I go to NY I will make a note to do some fabric shopping in the city

They're not so far apart, knitting and sewing. Both deal with garment construction and design considerations. If you think about it, yarn is naught but pre-fabric :o)

Knit (and sew) on!

Yeah, at a time when Hancock Fabric is closing down stores all over the place. :-( Gory details at Pattern Review.

I'll make a note of Elegant fabrics. There are so many fabric stores on 38-39-40th that all look the same, and I can't keep track of them! Thanks!

I would love to lose a day or two in the Garment District...

I've not tackled sewing projects on the subway, but have taken them in to work on during my lunch hour (basting, mostly). It's a PITA. Sewing doesn't travel well.

Now that I'm taking the T to Forest Hills every day I'll have to see if I show up on your blog.

The swatch looks like some needle-felting I saw in one of the knitting books at my library. Gotta go back and take another look...


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