Mystery Sidewalk Knitter of the Week?

You all know me, I'll knit just about anywhere.


Maybe not, however, on the Mass. Ave. sidewalk in Central Square. Somehow this doesn't seem like it would be very comfortable, especially on a day like today.

But I'm thinking that knitting's exactly what I need on a day like today to chase away those weather blahs. Hopefully I'll have time for that later (indoors, where it's warm and dry).


wow, that's some serious knitting!

Yeah, Mass Ave would not be my choice location but I guess whatever works is OK! -Elinor

Is she selling her finished knitting?

That's an incredible photo. Is she there regularly?

That is amazing !

That's really a nice nook. Anything can happen in Central Square.

I love the knitter sprawl. (You know how when you sit, your project and all the parts tend to spread out looking like three people are there instead of one.) Very colorful and interesting!

I love the colors of that project!

For some reason, I get all warmed up when I knit. I usually have to remove the blanket from my lap after awhile. Maybe thats why she is all comfy out there, hehe.

WOW. Is that one project or many? Was she selling knitted stuff? What is she knitting? I'm like a 3 year old with all my questions.

ha! i love how she's posing for you. did you talk to her?

I feel weird asking, but is she homeless?

She's knitting something very bright and pretty! She looks like she might be wearing handknit socks.

I think I know that nook--is that 727 Mass Ave (where I used to work)?
And I think you need to give us all more info about her!

Actually, I was just thinking that at least the crappy weather makes wool knitting make more sense a few weeks longer. And I can cheerfully WEAR the wool socks I just finished. Hmmm.

Knitters here, knitters there. Knitters knitters everywhere.

Rock on, sidewalk knitter!

That's my neighborhood! There was a crazy lady selling her knitting around Xmas time on one of the benches in front of the inbound T stop.


I like how happy and cheerful the woman looks how happy and talented she is. Its a moment like that which makes me think about enjoying life's pleasures in your own personal way.

Not very comfortable, or clean... yuck. Great picture though :)

I thought you meant standing up with your yarn in some kind of container, and knitting!

She looks so happy sitting there in the cool weather with her beautiful knitting.

I bet that's the quietest spot she found all day to sprawl out and do her thing.


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