As you might have guessed, knitting the sleeves first gives me more time to think about how I want the body of the cardigan to look.

This is the first time that I have knit with a 12-inch (or 30cm) Addi Turbo. I must say that I wish that cable were just a touch longer, or that I could further bend the needle points to make a tighter curve. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to the angle at which the needles must be held in order to make a stitch. Or maybe the next time that you see this sleeve it'll be on DPNs.


I cast on during my morning commute, but little progress was made on the way home. Why? I was soaked! Somehow I managed to pick the absolute rainiest 10 minutes of the day to walk to the train. Let's not forget the hail and wind, too!




Isn't spring delightful?

We had the same weather here. It was brutal. I've done sleeves on circulars, but needed to go to dp's near the end just for the flexibility.

I'm excited to see what this turns into!

I'm really loving that color.

Sorry about the rain, it seems to always start up when I'm walking to/from the car and miraculously stops as soon as I begin driving :P

You probably know this, but, why not switch to a 16 in cable? I have never liked using the 12 in, makes knitting painful. The ribbon cries for a larger needle and an open weave type of cardigan - would show the stitches and the yarn beautifully.

The knitting is coming along great. And I can relate to the Commuter's pants, I have the matching pair. At least it wasn't snow!

everytime I look at the yarn it just looks so creamy to me, its very beautiful indeed

I hate 12" needles too! They're just too tight. I wish Addi made 16" needles... I assume you'd magic loop it if you had a needle long enough?
I got soaked yesterday too. Only my feet inside my plastic boots were dry, everything else was wet... *sigh* When is Spring coming?

We had the rain and wind here in NY yesterday. I was similarly soaked during the morning commute. It sucked.

What a deluge!

I get very frustrated with the small circular needles. What about Veronique's idea of magic loop? I've never done it myself, but I watched it being taught to a woman in tears trying to knit a sleeve on dpns at my LYS. She was ecstatic once she got transferred to the magic loop.

Hope your weekend in drier!

I sympathize with the rain pants situation! Neither coat, jacket nor umbrella is enough to counter the attack on the lower part of the body.

Re: sleeves and circs, I use 2. That way it doesn't matter how small your circle is. Of course, dpns and Magic Loop work just as well. I have only 1 12-inch needle and I find it unusable.

btw, if you find you need more lilac Albany, I've got some.

Your yarn is so beautiful,like to see a picture when you get dome.

That yarn is intoxicating, and I'm so NOT a ribbon yarn type of gal. (It veers too close to "novelty" for my tastes, generally speaking.) But that yarn .... well, it's lovely. And the color is nice and moody, isn't it? Love it, girl! Great blog - keep up the good work.


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