How's That Sleeve?

The purple skirt is almost done, but the cardigan is slow going.

Slowly, slowly I work toward finishing sleeve one. After I solved the matter with the circular needle (by switching to two circs) my speed improved. I have a wedding to attend in about a week and a half, and while I could make myself miserable and finish this cardi in time (by doing nothing else but knitting for the next 10 days) I think that I'll continue to take it slow and find something else to wear.


I should have loads of additional knitting time towards the end of the week. After my last trip (which consisted of standing around in the cold at Port Authority for an hour getting accosted by panhandlers), I finally gave Greyhound the boot, and I'm back on the train!


yay train! the bus sucks. it's much better to throw hundreds of dollars at amtrak each month. :)

Sounds like a sane plan. It looks beautiful so far.

Port Authority sucks! I used to commute out of there back in the late 1980s and early 1990s during the crack heyday. Horrible place! It's a little better now but that's not saying much. Sleeves are usually a very trying affair.

I'm taking the train too! I'm so excited to not take the crappy chinatown bus :)

It looks beautiful. I hate greyhound, I had to move via greyhound once. It was the pits. I get stuck behind some man "dating" his shoe. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!

Can't wait to see the cardi, the sleeve is so lovely. Keep sloging along. You'll get there:)


The sleeves may be going slowly, but the knitting looks good!

I agree with your slow-it-down -and-enjoy-the-process approach to the sleeve.

And yes, the bus is vile. Always.


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