Well, comments have been restored, along with (unfortunately) the comment spam. Seems like the comment plugin was good--too good, actually. As many of you discovered it blocked not only comments on older posts, it blocked the comments for all posts. Whoops! Sorry about that. Thanks for all the emails alerting me to this. By the time, however, that I found out about the problem, I was away from a computer where I could access my MT software.

And anyway, blocking the comments kept the spammers away for approximately 36 hours. Needless to say, the search continues for a better fix.

Along with that quest, the sleeve continues. I finished the first sleeve on the subway during my Friday morning commute. Amtrak was good to me this weekend. Not only was my train to New York on time into Penn Station, I had heaps upon heaps of uninterrupted knitting time. Combine that with a quiet seatmate, pretty scenery (at least until it got too foggy and dark to see much of it), and I was one happy knitter.


I just reached the top increases as the train pulled into Back Bay.


It looks great. I"m working on my first sweater for my son, and it looks like I'll be ready to start the sleeves this week, if I can balance grading essays with knitting -- that's the plan. I'm a bit nervous. Can't see myself doing it on a subway. I think I'll need a very quiet, brightly lit room, total concentration...

Could you tell me what type of needles/stitch holders you are using in the photo?
p.s. I'm constantly on the lookout for other subway knitters too!

You might want to think about turning on TypeKey. Yes, I know some people have problems logging in via TypeKey. I was facing the same problem as you did, so I just tured on TypeKey, then I could set commenters to "trust" the first time they left a comment via TypeKey. Since then, no more having to go through the Junk folder to rescue legitimate comments.

first commenter??? Wow... actually, I could not access your blog at all anymore... all I got was blank pages :)
Glad to see it is all working again :)
Good looking sleeve :)

Cheers Eva

i recommend downloading and installing akismet for spam protection. they have a version for MT. and you can also put in a captcha as well.

Um...can you see me now...?
Nice sleeve.

My partner put a plug-in called Akismet on my blog, which has been working wonders. I don't know much about it (she handles all the technical stuff), but you could try it. If you have questions, you can drop her a note at mswestATsonicDOTnet.

Aww crap, sorry you're having so much trouble with the comments/comment spam. Great to hear you're getting some good knitting time in though.

Sorry to hear that the spamblocker didn't work as hoped. I am following your saga as I my blog as the same sad problems. At least you got to enjoy all that uninterrupted knitting on the train!

I'm so glad you were alerted to the problem and I hope things will work out. There must be some savvy computer folks out there who can steer you in the right direction re: spam problem. Can't wait to see more of the sweater, coming soon I hope.


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