Brilliant Idea!

Thank you all so much for your comments on Friday regarding the Lilac Cardigan's sleeve! As soon as I began to have trouble with the 30cm Addi Turbo, magic loop should have been the obvious alternative.

Except that I don't possess a US8 needles that has a cable long enough to do magic loop. And since that doesn't seem like an extremely practical purchase, I went with the next best thing: two circulars.

I took my 30cm Addi and combined it with another that's 60cm and I was off and running.


Progress was minimal. I was a bit distracted:


Now how could I bother with my needles when I was holding something this cute?


Oh, look at those eyes!

Kate has such a family resemblance! What fun that you got to visit with her, a perfectly good reason to miss Knitsmiths!

You definitely can't be expected to knit when there's such cuteness on your lap!

Oh what a cutie!!! And I can also see the family resemblance :)

Cheers Eva

She is adorable! Knitting must wait for such cuteness to nap.

Glad you have the needle issue solved!

Precious! A perfect peach! Looks like she is in dire need of some bodacious booties - or some lucious longies! Maybe a beautiful blankie?


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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