What's Happening?

You know that my projects are piling up at home. What about my train knitting?

More mittens! As the proud owner of a new brown-ish tweedy coat, I need new CharlieCard Mittens to match, of course.


The first mitten took mere hours to knit. Four, to be exact, as I began the cuff at South Station (in Boston) and tucked the almost-finished mitten back in the bag on Fifth Avenue (in New York). I was less productive on the way back (by now, I should expect this because it always happens). In fact, it took most of last week to get as far as I did in one bus ride.


Better get them done--you'll need them this week!

i started some mittens this weekend! they're for my dad though so they're huge :) takes a bit longer to knit.

It's important to have mittens that match your coat. I've been considering making another pair myself :)

Of course you need new mittens when you get a new coat.

I didn't realise you can catch the subway from Boston to NY. Last time I was in NY, I took a bus from Chinatown which stopped once somewhere in Connecticut and ended up in Chinatown in Boston!!


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