What I Did During My Latest Long Weekend

I participated in my very first podcast!

A few weeks prior to Presidents' Day Weekend Guido asked me if I was interested in chatting about what we all do--knitting and blogging.

So, on a sunny Saturday in February I met Guido and we chatted (Incessantly, it seems. That podcast is an hour long!) about five (of the many) blogs we read. I had a great time meeting Guido, checking out his recording setup, and gabbing about the State of the Knitblog, 2007. And that podcast didn't catch everything. Turns out that, in addition to the knitting, Guido and I have common professional backgrounds. We had lots to talk about. Someday Guido should do an outakes podcast. Now that would be something.

How do I sound? I ask because there's no way, for love or for money, that you're going to get me to listen to my own podcast. Why? Well, I have a little hang-up about listening to a recording of my own voice. I would rather not. At the time, I think that I did a relatively good job of not sounding completely stupid. But what if, with three more weeks of life experience under my belt, I now think that I sound ridiculous? I'll have to live with that for quite some time.

And, if you know me in real life, and if you decide to hear any or all of what I had to say, you may say only nice things.

Ah, who knew Subway Knitter was so sensitive?


Yes, I am with you on the whole 'listening to your own voice on the answering machine' thing--I instantly hear my nasal Minnesota accent and feel like character in 'Fargo'!

Everybody tells me I sound like I'm 13 years old! Then they're so shocked when I'm 50+! (A girl has to have one secret!)

Hey, it's safe, you sounded fine.

i'm sure you did fine! i'm at work so i can't check it out now but i'll listen later.

and i promise, i'll be back only with praise :)

Sounded great. What a wonderful view of life. I am glad we had the opportunity to hear you.

You sounded great on the podcast! I relate to what you are saying about blogging.

It exposes me and connects me to so much more knitting related information than I could find in any other way.

The first time a stranger told me they loved my blog… (it was in a yarn store and I had my dog who often appears on the blog with me). I just about fell over… it was weird. It still weirds me out a bit.

I'm Mary in Hungary. You are my favorite knitters. I congratulation for you.

You sounded fine. It was nice to place a voice with a face. I also liked your opinions about blogging and the anonymity it can give.
Don't worry, it was an entertaining show.

Love the podcast! You sound fine. Very quietly confident.

I've only listened to a few podcasts - listened all the way through! Very enjoyable hour...have I been sitting here an hour?! (Knit a long on a baby bootie as I'm about to be an aunt to nephew #3.) What day is it?! Your voice is soft and laugh genuine. At 47 I still get "can I speak to your mother".

I like the knitting for local charity concept...for Knit Unto Others I donated 10 pair of socks to a local Woman's Shelter. It made me (almost) thankful that I had to do a search to find where it was - thankful that I had never personally needed it. And perhaps guilty that I took such little notice.

How fun!

If it makes you feel any better- I feel exactly the same way about hearing my own voice. I can't even listen to my answering machine message!

no need to feel self-conscious, you were awesome! i enjoyed listening to you and guido very much. and you have a lovely sounding voice. i seriously know how you feel about listening to your own voice. it totally makes me cringe. ick!

want to hear something funny? i can't stand listening to my voice when i speak english, but i don't mind listening to my voice when i speak french, even with an accent. it's either because i don't sound like myself when i speak french, or my voice was genetically designed to speak french (see i told you it would be funny-strange). i don't normally listen to podcasts (the only time i can actively listen is in my car) but i'll listen to yours.

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