Wait a Minute....

Shannon's sweater doesn't have wonky raglan lines like mine:

(This photo is Shannon's, but saved to my server.)

Shannon's raglans are all purl stitches, meaning that she seamed behind the knit stitches. It looks much, much better.

Okay, kids, to the frog pond we go.

Subway frogging. If you think knitting attracts stares, you should see what unknitting does.


do explain "she seemed behind the knit stitches"? I seam with a mattress stitch and have been pleased with the end result.

Oh good, the extra time to rip that seam and do it again will be SO WORTH IT!

Wow, Shannon's seaming is *beautiful*. I have had good luck with seams so far, but have never tried seaming a raglan!

Oh! Now I see it. Well, that makes a lot of sense.

I saw that you are going to be on It's a Purl Man!! I can't wait to listen to the episode. Sorry about the frogging....bummer!

oh man...i'm sorry about that...i was really looking forward to seeing this on you this weekend...

I frogged an entire shawl once in an airport. It got lots of attention.

I frogged that Calormetry from the winter knitty twice because my gauge was off. The second time, was on the nearly last row. My bf looked horrified as I nonchalantly tore the whole thing out. Good luck, I'm sure it will look great!

Shannon's line is straighter, that's for certain. Frogging is the way to go. At least it's only the top of the sweater that needs frogging, not the whole thing!

I once frogged the back of a complicated Aran I knit for my hubby. Gauge swatch was fine, but egads! You could have put 2 of him in it. Went down a needle size, and it was fine.

Can you explain the "seaming behind the knit stitches" please? It looks beautiful, but I'm confused.

You're going to make people nervous when you frog on the subway. It'll be fun.


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