Yup, Danielle, that was me.

You never know when you're going to get spotted. I hope that I wasn't talking to myself or doing something equally as weird when you passed by.


Nope, you weren't doing anything weird! But, just goes to show that even though we live in a pretty big metro area, it's a small world.

dont' you hate it when you get caught talking to yourself?

My daughter likes to sit on a little shelf type thing under the front of our grocer's carts. If you don't know the shelf is there, you wouldn't see her. You would just see me talking to myself about buns and chocolate milk.

Oh I always end up "thinking out loud" when I notice something. Drive my DH absolutely BATTY!

thought of you on Sat PM when I went out with friends in the city!

I was going to bring my ever so cool little going out bag, but it wasn't big enough for the subway knitting! So, the big orange one, how suburban I looked.... but more importantly, I had socks to do on the Red Line!


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