What's up with this? Suddenly Vogue Knitting comes out with an issue that might just make me a subscriber again.

Jodi had some great ideas on how to alter this. I'm this close to casting on for a cute spring/summer cardi to match my sundress.


Thanks for posting this preview. I recently reviewed my subscription, although not enthusiastically.

Well this is a relief - this issue has some promise. The winter one was awful and made me decide not to subscribe again. The spring issue indicates that after my subscription runs out I should check it out because every so often there might be one that's worth the $$!

You are so right! I'm giong to get that issue.

Huh. Some of those really are nice!

I was surprised, too! It's nice to have more than one thing I like out of that magazine.

Thanks for catching the preview! You're quick.

Cast On did it too.
A bunch of designs one can actually like!

Thanks for the link. I never seem to know when these previews go up. Cute stuff!

I write for them and I don't even know when the preview is up ;-)

This is the first time I see anything that I can actually modify for a shortwaisted midget-type, which is very exciting.

how cute is the baby stuff? i actually like vogue even if i never make anything from it.

No kidding - I might have to get VK for the first time.


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