Oh The Places You'll Go!

Or, rather, oh the places that my knitting will go.

I started another pair of CharlieCard Mittens this weekend. I'm still tweaking the pattern a bit, working out a kink here and there. I think that this time I have it.

Those of you who are long-time blog readers know that recent New York excursions have been sponsored by Greyhound. Greyhound's fares are so cheap that I can't imagine they're making any money from my custom. We're even, because I can't imagine paying any more for these bus rides than I do.

This time, however, I took advantage of a JetBlue sale and picked myself up a couple of fares to JFK. If this were a travel blog, and I had a leisurely morning before me I would write a long snark-ridden post about JetBlue, JFK Airport, and the idea that you're actually in New York once you land there. One is, and I know this. One is not, however, near anywhere that's useful for another 30 to 60 minutes--depending on the mode of transportation away from the airport. And here's where I begin to question whether or not flying to New York from Boston via JFK saves much time or money. Especially when one hangs around on the tarmac for 25 minutes because JetBlue issued two boarding passes for the same seat, and the bewildered flight attendants need to sort this out before we can leave Boston. Luckily I flew out the night before JetBlue voluntarily shut itself down to avoid another repeat of its Valentine's Day debacle, or I would have been on a Greyhound bus after all.

Did I just write that? That was a wee snarky. Glad to see that I haven't lost my touch.

What about the mittens? Oh yes, the mittens! I'm a total dork when it comes to a window seat. If I have one, I just about press my nose to the glass for the flight's duration, unless that is, I'm knitting something. Knitting helps me maintain a semblance of of non-dorkiness--half-dorkiness, if you will--although I am sure that my ultra-cool, ultra-tanned seatmates, who obviously just arrived from somewhere warm and sunny might have disagreed on that point. They ignored me by snuggling up to share both a blanket and an iPod headset (oh puke!) and I ignored them by focusing on my DPNs.


The mitten was excited about its window seat, too.


It's been my experience that flying to NYC isn't any quicker than driving.

Glad you made it back. I had friends who were 36 hours late getting in from Denver. And they were travelling on Saturday night.

Your knitting is always well-traveled and adventurous!

It's funny, whenever I fly to DC, if we're delayed, it's because of "something at JFK or LaGuardia." I've seen this with all of my regulars - AirTran, USAir, and JetBlue. Why are NYC's airports a huge sucking pit for aircraft? I don't understand.
I can't imagine how flying there could ever be faster than anything - except walking, maybe.

I've done the math, and from where I live it is faster (and usually cheaper) to go Amtrak. I've not calculated for Greyhound, but I expect it it true there as well, provided traffic doesn't snarl up.

I am also crazy dork girl about being in a window seat. I love watching the scenery go by underneath.

when hubby was travelling for work, he often took the train into NYC from here in DC and from Boston -- cheaper in terms of time + cost (nominally), and less of a pain dealing with the airports/security/etc.

I love the window seat on the plane, too. :) I accept my dorkiness. ;)

You have confirmed my suspicions about plane versus train to New York. I enjoy the view from the window a great deal, until I get vertigo.

Heh heh...yeah...my boyfriend's brother came in to visit from New York Friday afternoon/night via Greyhound - took him NINE AND A HALF HOURS - he kept calling asking us where he was and the answer was inevitably still "Connecticut" - he may now think of Connecticut as the equivalent of the largest transport black hole known to man. All he had with him were an iPod and some goldfish crackers...yikes. I almost sent him back with some knitting needles just in case on Sunday evening. Not sure he'll be visiting us again any time soon...but glad you made it there and back and hope you had a lovely time. See you this weekend? ~gabriella :)

Hi! I'm enjoying reading your blob :) I hope the rest of the flights taken are much more pleasant.

I'm guessing Amtrak is the way to go - at least Grand Central is IN NY. Or take a night bus. The CT black hole is way less sucky after 9pm. Glad to see you're back!

Damn, and I thought flying would be so much more grown up than a Greyhound bus! And I agree with Virg: great blob!

Okay, first time de-lurking here. I'm just glad to hear that you don't have any trouble taking your knitting when you fly. I had the opposite experience recently on jury duty, wondered about flying.

You gotta love well-travelled knitting!

Hee hee. Thanks for the laugh. I loved the description of your seat mates. That image will stick with me for a while and it will surely bring a smile to my face. I can just see you glancing their way and wanting to blow your cookies.

Your seat mates must have been honeymooners. They are a rather nauseating bunch.

I far prefer Greyhound to flying if it's a less than 6 hour drive. My ears like Greyhound better too. I hate paying a fortune and not getting much for it.

Another window dork here, who married one. We actually argue about who will appreciate it more.

when i moved up to boston, a good friend of mine from jersey said that if not for connecticut, we'd live really close to one another.

and you can have the window seat anytime as long as i get the aisle.

With all the hassles of flying, plus getting into the city from JFK, Greyhound or Amtrak is a much better bet. I have heard of some Chinatown bus route between Boston to NYC that is dirt cheap. I forget what's it's called but my friends take this bus and have no complaints given the price (it's $15 or something crazy cheap like that). Flying blows

Oh man... when I lived in Boston and the boy at the time lived in NYC it was the worst! I still have nightmares about the Port Authority.
And flying seems like it takes just as long, I agree.

I'm going down to NYC for the first time and am using Amtrak. Where does the Greyhound drop off (because it would be great to know for the future if it is that much more affordable)?!

I can't imagine it saves money to fly, as the taxi costs as much as the Greyhound fare. I still like Amtrak for all the room but it IS more expensive.


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