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I'll admit to you all that my finishing on the Very Necessary Sweater isn't my best work. I don't know what's happening. Maybe it's the slightly nubbly Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran? Maybe it's that I'm seaming too close to the edge (poor planning meant that I didn't build in another selvage stitch (I usually like to have my seams placed between the first and second rows).

My raglan lines are especially uneven.


I don't know what to do about this. It's a result of the uneven edge stitches. I'm hoping that one will be so dazzled by the entire sweater that the slightly (okay, very) wonky raglan lines won't be noticed.

While seaming, I realized that the next time that I knit this sweater, I'm doing it in the round. Knitting it in pieces meant that I had a very portable project throughout the knitting phase, but for a sweater this nice, I think that it'll be worth the sacrifice of toting around a giant knitting bag on the train.

Meanwhile, my knitting challenges aside, put your hands together for fellow Knitsmith Gabriella whose Clessidra knee socks are in the latest edition of Knitty. Way to go Gabriella! Love it when a fellow Knitsmith does good!


I was eyeing those socks and thinking that I really have to get moving on the sock knitting so I can have some lovelies like them.

Congrats to Gabriella.

I am loathe to make more knitting work for myself, but I would try undoing the seam and adding a row using the Cro-Kay method from Mason-Dixon Knitting - anything that would give me the faux selvedge ridge between the stitches I needed to neaten the seam. Or, you could just try blocking! In any case, I'm still smitten with your version, particularly the color.

I knitted this in the round. For the raglan sleeves, I mattress stiched in the gutter (purl) instead of the using the frist knit on the end of sleeve.

I am now trying a version of this knitting from the top down so I don't have to deal with any seams. :-)

I feel for you! I had the same problem. I was not happy with my seams and took the whole thing apart, re-blocked and started again. I unraveled the sleeves to the decrease part and re-knit. I tried sewing them up like the photo. I am happy now and it was worth the extra time.

A few weeks ago, Grumperina talked about seaming in a different yarn, especially when the working yarn is nubbly. Maybe that would help? In my experience, it's worth taking out and doing over. Otherwise, you might never wear it after all that hard work! I realize now that you might be talking about nubbliness in terms of the knitting itself - but I hope that you find a solution!

I have no advice. I have had many projects that I've been unhappy with the finishing just because I get so impatient (I know that's not what happened here). It is frustrating when all your work doesn't turn out exactly the way you want it to in the end.

maybe with another good blocking or ironing after you're done seaming, it won't look so wonky? i would give it a shot.

i was JUST eyeing those knee highs. they are gorgeous!

Thanks Colleen!! How cool. As for the seaming - seriously, I think sweaters in the round are my new best friends. Aside from the whole starting a new ball of yarn thing, which is annoying without seams. That being said, I was definitely feeling your pain when you knit the sleeves together...and this being the kind of mistake I have made on more than one occasion (what - it was a good episode of west wing i was watching!!), I say again: in the round all the way. plus no purl rows if it's stockinette - big huge plus there. :) good luck and hope we'll see the dazzling finished sweater at the swap! ~gabriella

You know, after a thorough blocking, gravity can work miracles on knitted garments. Mine have always somehow "straightened" out a bit after being worn for a while. I daresay that the sweater is so lovely that the seams will fade into oblivion anyway.

Like Heather suggested above, I seamed my Silkroad Aran sweater in somewhat-matching Cascade 220. Because the yarn is so squishy, you shouldn't be able to see the seams at all, so it isn't problematic, and it makes for far less bulky seams.

Good luck!

re: seaming together...glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that!!


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