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Apparently I confused quite a few of you with my explanation of my placement of the raglan seam. Let me try something different.

The outermost rows of the raglan and upper sweater body are K, P (i.e. one row knit, next row purl). Originally I placed the seam in the outer rows, the knit rows of the body and arm edges. Because my outermost row of stitches is always uneven, this resulted in a very uneven seam as two uneven rows came together.


You can see the difference in this side-by-side photo. The first attempt is on the left. When I redid the seam, I placed it one row in (one row back, or one row behind, in the purl row. Thus, the knit rows of both pieces are hidden within the seam, resulting in a kind of "blank" raglan, or a raglan without that row (or rows) of knit stitches marching up the middle.

Hope this clears thing up.


That makes more sense. At first I thought you were ripping the whole sweater. The second attempt looks much better.

I'm glad you weren't ripping the whole top of the sweater! I think I would have lost my love for any sweater I had to undo that much on.

Your lines look better now, I hope it works out for you.

That makes alot more sense. I really like the way it looks now!

looks much better! i love that raglan with purl stitches. it's a nice touch.

ah, that is what I thought you meant. Glad to see I wasn't insane. It looks great -- the purl stitches is such a great touch! :)

ok, maybe you won't be wearing yours... but unless I get my butt moving tonight, I won't be wearing mine either... seam seam seam. see you tomorrow. me

Thanks for the explanation! It makes sense now, and the second seam looks much better.

Ah, how clever! That does look much better. I am doing my first raglan now and have quite wonky little raglan seams, but since I am going to frog and re-knit what I have so far, I hope that they will improve a bit.

A vast improvement!

Glad you didn't have to rip the top of the sweater either.

I just ripped an entire lace project because i spazed and tore the stitches down a few inches somehow and had no idea how to get back to where i was. I'm completely lost as to what to do now, start over or move on to something else.

By the way i really enjoy your blog. My name as you can see is also Colleen and I am a NJ Transit Knitter on my way to and from work in NYC every day, but i am indeed new to knitting unlike you.

Good luck finishing the sweater.


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