It's Done!

I'm feeling indecisive about what I should write about today. I think it's time that I showed you an FO:


Simply put, I love this sweater! I love its simple looks, the soft yarn, and the warm turtleneck. Expect to see another one of these on my needles within the year.

The details:

Pattern: Shannon's Very Necessary Sweater (it's a free pattern, people!)

Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in the Casket colorway, 134 (weird name, I know.) I used about 13 balls.

Needles: US9s for the ribbing, US8s for the body.

What I changed: Not much! I substituted yarns, but between needing a slightly longer sweater and getting a slightly bigger row gauge than Shannon's, I mostly knit the pattern as written. Leave it to Shannon to provide me with the pattern to do that.

What I would change next time: Not much! I'll use a different yarn next time (for variety's sake), and I'm going to knit this sweater in the round. I think that I would knit the turtleneck slightly longer, too (in fact, I plan to add a few inches to this one. Eight inches isn't enough for the turtleneck to comfortably fold over itself.

I'm off to see the Harlot--and maybe the knitting lab at FIT (if JetBlue is feeling cooperative, today).


It's really great. I love the colour too!

Looks great! Such a classic piece.

It looks wonderful! I see what you mean about the neck -- I like mine big too. Have fun with the Harlot!!!

Yay! It looks great on you -- I'm so glad you liked the pattern!

Beautiful! I love Silk Road and am always looking for ways to use it, so thanks for the recommendation. Have a great visit to the city, wish I were joining you all there!

It is the perfect sweater. Those kinds of sweaters are my favourites. They work with anything.

Hope you make it to FIT and have a blast.

It's excellent and inspiring - you should be very proud!

What a great basic sweater. Everyone needs on of those.

Looks fabulous! And be sure to report back on all the NYC fun.

Your sweater looks great! I love that style with the long ribbing at the waist and the raglan seaming looks fabulous!

Wish I was going to NYC.

Congrats it looks wonderful

this is really wonderful, I just started knitted recently prompted by friend and I heard you on the its a purl man podcast, your blog is really inspiring!

I can tell that this sweater is going to be a favorite for you -- the color, fit, and style are perfect!

Oh, look at you hotsy totsy! The sweater looks fabulous and fits perfectly. Well played!

Wow, Colleen, that is a gorgeous sweater. The fit, the color, it all looks great on you. Definitely worth the reseaming efforts. Enjoy NYC and hope you get to see the Harlot and FIT>

It looks very nice!

Beautiful work, Colleen! It looks wonderful, and I love that color (despite the odd name). Enjoy it! ~gabriella

Gorgeous! That color looks great on you. Have fun in NY!

Looks awesome! Which reminds me I have a UFO turtleneck sweater that has been languishing for several years. Must go finish that. Especially since the warm weather is finally here.

I love it! The color, the fit! Great job!

That is a gorgeous sweater! The color is fab.

Cozy, classic, perfectly wonderful! I just might need a very necessary sweater myself.

Congrats! Great sweater...

I think that your sweater looks great. Well done on doing such a good job!

I have to say I kept thinking that's a nice-enough sweater, but what's the big deal?
Clearly, the big deal is the flattering fit!
It looks really great on you!
I'm thinking of that Jo Sharp for a Rogue--is it worth the price?

nice! enjoy it & wear it well. Looks like a patter that could "show off" many types of yarns and be flattering at the same time - always a great combo.

Your sweater is beautiful, and looks wonderful on you. A very nice fit and a good color for you.

I really do love that sweater - very necessary indeed.

I love the color. The sweater is just beautiful!!

I made an Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater that turned out a lot like yours but mine was in the knit in the round using the % system. Good luck and try the knitters workshop if you need a reference. Your sweater is georgous.

Very flattering ribbing, excellent color. I like it.

i really like it. cute!

What a beautiful sweater!

Oooo, it turned out so perfectly! What a good fit, and what a cozy color. I'd wear it constantly if it were in my closet.

Very pretty! Casket is an odd name for that color. Weird.

it's really great. very nice fit and exceedingly wearable. it's gotta feel good to see how nice it turned out after redoing those seams. it made such a difference.

ps - have a great vaca!


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