I Need a Vacation

Yay! I just finished sewing the pocket to the top of my right-hand mitten.


I am an idiot.

This just proves what I've known for a very long time: I need a vacation. Luckily, that's exactly what I'm about to do, and as a result this blog will be taking a short break. I have no plans to do any blogging while I'm lying on a beach somewhere warm.

Expect to see sundress photos upon my return.


Oh dear. Enjoy your vacation -- sounds lovely!!

Wow, that's something that I would do...
Have a great vacation. Warm and sunny is good.

Enjoy! ... and soak up some extra sun for me.

Oh no :(
At least you hadn't woven in the ends!
I told several non-knitting friends about your Charlie card mittens, they all want one, even though we have to slide out cards at the turnstile here in NY. Oh, if the pattern was published... :)

It's funny how our mind lets us know what we need. Enjoy your vacation!

I made that same mistake when making my playground mittens. Twice. I'm with ya.

Have a great vacation!

Enjoy! Bring back some sunshine and warmth with you!

Have a wonderful and restful vacation!

Enjoy your time away!

Enjoy your vacation!

umm unless you've already fixed it or that's a mirror image, that's the left hand.

Enjoy your holiday. Let your bones melt in a nice sunny spot.

Enjoy! Maybe spring will (finally) have sprung by the time you get back!

good for you, enjoy your vacation!

good for you, enjoy your vacation!

Hey! I think I have that same pattern for right hand mittens! or at least I knitted one like that.

If I sew a pocket to my palm can I go on a sunny vacation?

Have fun!

I don't have a subway, but think I will have to make some mittens with pockets for my coffee card!

Have a great time, we'll be here when you get back!

Go! Get thee to vacation!!!
Pockets on palms are a good sign that sun and sand are needed!
(I say go to Sri Lanka! I just left there and it's WOW!!!)

oooooh nooooo! I have a knack of making left hand mittens, right hand mittens are beyond me apparently :)

Enjoy the vacation!

Beach pictures would be much appreciated. And one of a drink with an umbrella in it would be good.


Hehehe. Have a great holiday!

OK, why was that wrong? And why put a pocket on a mitten? Maybe I need a vacation too.

hehe...enjoy your vacation!! i'm jealous =)

Hi there!
I have been reading your blog for a little while but have not yet commented. I was just listening to your segment on It's A Purl Man podcast and I really wanted to chime in with a lot of what you had to say on blogging and knitting - I too am drawing a line in the sand with spinning, and also discovered a lot of blogdom through ChicKnits back before I fully understood what the whole knit blogging thing was.

Happy vacation! I live in CA but originally from NJ and college in Boston. I was chatting with my sweetie, from CA, and he said they referred to spring break as "ski break" because it was already spring when it happened, and they wanted to visit winter. Ha!


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