Hat Block

The Santa Cruz hat is on its blocking form.


Now, perhaps those of you who have had the pleasure of dining in the Subway Knitter household think that you recognize that form as one of my soup bowls. Don't be afraid. While this might look exactly like one of those bowls, please rest assured that this is my Special Hat Blocking Bowl. Nope, no soup bowls for my knitting.


I have a vase that looks just like your blocking stand - from Crate and Barrell, yes? ... can't wait to see the hat on a head soon.

I have a mixing/hat blocking bowl. Hey if we can multitask, why can't our kitchenwares?

That's a nice looking hat!

While of course you'd never use a dining implement to block (heavens, no!), a sugar bowl is a great size for blocking a baby hat. (As long as it's one of those special "blocking" sugar bowls, of course.)

I was wondering how I was going to block mine, but I believe I may have one of those blocking type bowls around here somewhere.

Looks great!

I like using cantaloupe as blocking forms.

I've used one of those ball-shaped stand up punching bags to blog a purse...

I read the article in the latest issue of Knit Simple about commuting knitters--fun to have you quoted and feel as if I already knew you a bit from your blog. :-)


Love your hat, it's beautiful. In the fall I like to block on little pumpkins!

Your hat looks great! I must have missed it in Magknits. Thanks for the heads up!


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