Going for a Cruz

The Santa Cruz hat is complete:


It's not blocked yet. There is a small mound of projects forming on my dining-room table. The fabric and pattern for the sundress require attention. The Very Necessary Sweater requires seaming. The Santa Cruz hat requires blocking. Something must be done about this soon, or I may never eat again.

I thought that I might escape blocking this hat, to preserve the lace's squishy look. No go. The hat is a touch short on my head when it's not blocked, and I noticed that it looks much better on me when it's pulled longer. I wore it to work one day this week and not only is it still much too cold for a hat like this, but the hat needs to come down below my earlobes. Sarah-Hope's pattern picture is accurate, but I guess that I like a hat that's a bit longer for myself. Live and learn.

Were I to knit this pattern again (and don't think for a second that I won't) I would add a few more rows of YO, K2Tog and K2Tog, YO in between the cables. That would add some length.


can't wait to see it blocked, it looks great this way even....

Sure is pretty. I could see blocking it, but how do you do that? Do you have to have a head mannequin?


The hat looks great! Can't wait to see it on.

Very, very nice!!

What a great pattern, looking forward to the final pic!

The hat looks fantastic! I'm with you--I really like hats that are a bit longer to cover my ears...

heck, i can't remember the last time that KP and i ate at the dinner table! we always eat at the couch on the coffee table :)

i love the hat. it would be perfect for NYC weather. it's going to be close to 50 these next couple of days.

I'm glad you like the hat--even if it is too cold to wear it just now. As I play with new hat patterns, I'm trying to be more generous with the sizing. (This one was smallish because I was thinking of it more as decoration than warmth-providing.) Your comments on adjusting the pattern have been helpful for me.

I also wanted to say that you've got a great list of blogs you read. I spent some time yesterday looking at them and found several good ones I hadn't encountered before.



It looks great. The stitch work is being lost with the Noro I'm using. I may have to do it again using a single colour.

Could you pick up around the brim and knit some more ribbing down?

Looking forward to seeing it blocked! It may be the hat pattern for me here in CA.

Very pretty! I like my hats a little longer too.

I agree--I like my hats to cover my ears, too. But I hope this one works out for a warmer-weather hat for you!

Can't wait to see it ON YOU, and the weather that you require for sporting it.

I'm lovin' the hat! It looks great!


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