As a rule, I don't mind finishing, once I get in the mood.

Sometimes, getting in the finishing mood can be a challenge. Every night last week I planned to begin seaming. This seemed (ha!) like a great idea when I left my office. But after I finished whatever activity I had planned (Home Depot run, gym, grocery shopping, dinner prep), picking up a yarn needle became less and less likely.

That's been the story of my evenings lately. But seriously, I need to get moving! I want to get the table cleared.


As a start toward the table clearing, I finished seamed the top of the sweater last night. I would have finished it at Knitsmiths on Sunday, if I hadn't managed to seam the sleeves together instead of seaming a sleeve to each side of the body pieces. Yes, that was a good 30 minutes down the tubes.


Looks great so far! I spent my sweet time seaming this sweater too. In fact, I wore it the other day without doing the turtleneck part b/c I was so happy that I had gotten that far. I just wrapped a scarf around my neck. I love this sweater as much as I knew I would when I first saw it on your blog in ...was it December? Today might be the day to finish it finally.

Oh, I've done that with the seaming, and the sewing of the wrong pieces together. SO frustrating!

Can't wait to see this sweater on, I think it's going to be gorgeous.

Sewing the sleeves together instead of to the sweater sounds like something I would do. In public where other knitters can see me do it.

The sweater looks great so far though.

Looks very good so far!!!

"Down the tubes"! I get it! The sleeves turned into tubes! HA!

Sorry, feeling silly and filled with puns today. Seriously, the sweater looks GAW-JUS!!

Looks great! I still LOVE those long cuffs! I didn't realize you were seaming them together on Sunday - I would have said something, for sure! What was the pattern for this one? I may have to whip one up myself - it's definitely my style too!

Somehow, I always feel like I need a whole day to seam. Not sure why that is, since it often takes less time than I would have spent knitting on a given night.

The sweater looks great! I always have a fear that I'm going to seam the sleeves together or seam the sleeve inside out.

I've had a sweater that's needed to be seemed since last March, how pathetic! You are motivating me to go finish it RIGHT NOW!

Thanks for the motivation, I finished the sweater last night!!


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