Almost There

I know what you're all beginning to think. Didn't Colleen have a lot of projects in the works?

She does! And one by one they're all coming to completion. I think that FO posts will need to wait until next week

Shannon's Very Necessary Sweater is quickly drawing to a conclusion. Only an inch or two more left on the turtleneck. I'll compare its length to another turtleneck to see if I'm anywhere near a realistic bind-off point.


Did you read the weather forecast for Boston tomorrow? It's starting off warm, and finishing with rain. Yuck-o! I'm thinking that this sweater will be perfect in place of a jacket tomorrow morning, and I can easily supplement it with a light coat tomorrow evening.


wooo! the newly completed raglan seams look great! and that turtleneck! :D can't wait to see it finished!

Hey, your seams look terrific! Nice job. I really love that color, too. Oh, and, I enjoyed listening to the Purl Man podcast--you both enjoy the same blogs I do. So glad you discovered The Panopticon. Take care.

This photo really shows off the seams. I love it. I am biased as I love turtleneck sweaters. This weather is nice for completed projects because you can still wear them without sweating. I don't know about Boston, but it's supposed to be in the 30's here this weekend -- perfect for a turtleneck!

Hey, nice seams! :)

Ah, New England....
where you need huge closets because you can NEVER put away any of your clothes since it can be 70 in January or 40 in July!

It looks great. Definitely worth the re-seaming efforts.

lookin' good! you're in the home stretch!

Looking very nice, love the color!

ooooh those seams look great! i've never seen a raglan with a purl ditch for the seam but i really like the look.

Wonderful job, I'm half way up the back on mine, or in the "black hole" as they say, by the time I finish it will July, but, living in NE does let me think I just may get to wear it! Great job! Ps; enjoyed the podcast very much!

The seaming looks great now! Looking forward to all the FOs.

I read your blog and am amazed how much knitting you get done. I wish I had the time. Keep up the good work!


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