What Have We Here?

If I'm not mistaken, what we have here is a pile of knitted sweater pieces.


As I predicted, the birthday came and went without a finished sweater. I did manage to finish the knitting, and I wove in all the ends. The end-weaving was no small feat; these balls of yarn had a concentration of knots that would have made Debbie Bliss proud. I do love weaving in the ends before I block. It makes starting the seaming so much easier if I don't have to think about that additional step.


Can't wait to see it. Hope you enjoyed your day - mine was okay!

That's an accomplishment. Good for you-looking forward to seeing it. I need a new project for my gift box-baby blanket or child's sweater, etc. you know something to do that is mindless. Time to relax and enjoy the process.

Awesome pile!

I hear you on the Debbie Bliss ends. Have you tried a Russian join? If you are knitting with a feltable yarn, you can felt the ends together. Split the ends in half and cut away half so they are skinny. Place them together and wet. Rub vigorously between your palms until it felts and hold together on it own. The only problem is that the join will be a little duller than the rest of the yarn.

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry it didn't get done in time, but you are in the home stretch. I love the color!

Happy Birthday! That's a good idea about weaving in the ends first. I often find them annoying when I'm trying to seam.

ooooh! it's so close!

I hope your birthday was lots fun! Mine was the 11th...I'm 39. My last in my 30's...better make it a good year.
I have the same pile of pieces in my room. I already sewed it up and did a terrible job so had to rip out my seams and start again. So, today, I will steam them and try again. I can't wait to see your finished sweater!

Well, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I'm sure you had lots more interesting things to do on such a great day than weave in ends.

Happy (belated) birthday! Can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Oh my gosh! I meant to email you you yesterday to wish you Happy Birthday. Hopefully, you enjoyed your natal day and you will forgive an absent-minded cyber friend :o)

i'm sorry i missed yoru birthday. happy belated.

Happy birthday! Pretty sweater pieces! Deadlines are silly, anyway.

Happy Belated Birthday! I bet the sweater will look fab. Can't wait for those pictures. I hate seaming though, reall hate it. LOL

Wow its going to look great! Happy birthday a little late

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday. My birthday is this Saturday and I'm spending it at Stitches West! BTW the sweater looks great even in a pile and I enjoy reading your blog. I have close ties to the Boston area (born at what is now Boston Medical Center) so one day I hope to meet you!

Just found some of my English (Midlands) relatives .. I'm almost frightened to ask them "Do you knit?"

Wow! It looks great so far. I hope your b-day was a good one!


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