Welcome February!

Welcome to February, the month of birthdays (mine!) and chocolate (for everyone!). The year's shortest month arrives not a moment too soon, as the chocolate stash chez Subway Knitter is dangerously low.

The yarn stash, however, is in no danger of depletion. Since I bought this hank with a specific project in mind, we can hardly call it stashing, now, can we? No, probably not.


Here we have some Cascade 220 in colorway 9338. It was one of the colorways that Miranda selected for her mittens. When I compared the yarn in the hank to the yarn on my hands, I realized that both were the very same colorway! Coincidence? You decide.

This hank came from Windsor Button. Can I tell you that I love Windsor Button, and feel fortunate that it is mere steps from the offices of Subway Knitter? And I know that I'm not alone in my adoration. You really must go.

Finally, I would like to add that as a 31- (very soon to be 32-) year-old it is clear to me that today marks my first full day off of the pop-culture bandwagon. I had no idea about Adult Swim, no idea about this "Err" character, and apparently no clue about many things. Note to self: get out more. I have no opinion as to whether or not the "official" reaction to all this was appropriate or overkill. I do know my reaction to getting booted from my subway train several stops before my destination on a freeeezing January morning: not funny.


In Atlanta every day I ride by a billboard with [adult swim] and a picture on it. I scratch my head and wonder, "What the heck is that?" Now I know. Thanks. lol

Hey, we'll have to go out next time and celebrate - (not this Sun - must get home and put the kids to bed so boy can watch the superbowl uninterrupted. ugh) but, I'm a Feb baby too. When's yours?

Another February baby here too (but not so baby anymore...). As I told my coworker who is due as of yesterday, February babies are the best.

oh dear colleen...you will have to borrow some of Scout's collection of cartoon network, adult swim, DVDs...We can start slowly with Samurai Jack and move on from there....

Happy February!! Same feelings about WB -- terrific.

Feb. birthday here too...way more twice your number though! I have enjoyed you blog very much.As a wife and Mother I look at yesterday's hoax,as a stupid act. Very bad, set the whole city off, caused extra work for police, and hassles thousands of people who were just trying to live their life. I can't imagine I would ever watch anything by this lame company now. They should be glad no one was hurt trying to protect us and they should pay every penny used for all the hassle yesterday!

The first thing I thought of when I heard this is--what a pain for the T riders! (grew up near Oak Grove station)and detouring everyone off 93?! What a mess!

oh god, how totally stupid of the authorities to waste time and money on something like an ad! come on. what has this world come to?! some people should get with the times.

I am officially off the pop culture band wagon too. I was not amused that my 20-25 minutes T ride took just shy of an hour to complete.

The Windsor Button Shop still exists! I'm so glad. I moved to Virginia from Boston 17 years ago and was so afraid they'd have been put out of business. I just loved that store. Now the memories of waiting for trains and subways and slogging through cold wet slush to get to my office on Huntington Ave. are not so nice. Don't miss that part!

Another coincidence: we are (almost) the same age! (I turned 32 this past September). Cheers!

Three cheers for Windsor Button! They have really expanded the selection over there in the past year (especially sock yarn, holy crap).

Another February baby here - only mine will be #40 (no, really, it's pretty cool!). And guess what, I knew what Mooninites were - thanks to my geeky hubby... luckily, they didn't stop us from getting to a great class at A Good Yarn in Brookline Village last night.

I also did not know what Adult Swim was until just this past week. And I'm only 26! Don't feel bad about it.

That green has all sort of nice spruce-iness to it!

Technically, you're not off the pop-culture bandwagon; I don't think Adult Swim has enough viewers to be considered "pop culture." I would say it has more of a cult following.

I'm still surprised those things weren't immediately recognized as ads, though.

I have a friend here in St. Louis who is a bomb/arson detective and he tells me stories. His job got 100 times harder on 9/11. What were these cartoon creeps thinking would happen? They HAD to know that someone would be afraid enough to call the police--otherwise how could they generate publicity, hmm? Throw the book at 'em!

PS--Great yarn! I made my mittens from Cascade 220 in a sizzling shade of magenta.

Yeah, I'd never heard of that cartoon, either . . . but hey, my Mom's birthday is this month, too. Valentine' Day, to be exact! Aquarians are just wonderful....

Happy almost Birthday! What day is the big 3-2 upon you? My sister was born on 2/26, but she passed away from cancer. I miss her every day. She was 25 and left 2 kids.
As for Windsor Button, they used to be in Assembly Square Mall in Somerville and left, I miss them and I didn't know they had other sites. Thank you for letting me know. As for yesterday's snafu, we had a few planes leave from Boston on that terrible day and I am sure our security has felt bad about it ever since. So maybe they did over react, but Turner Broadcasting could have given SOMEONE a heads up!

No chocolate for me! I'm on this crazy anti-migraine diet. (The other provisions are way worse, so I don't even miss chocolate.) Eat some for me, willya?

Ground hog...coming up! Chocolate, red & pink hearts, and cozy gifts!

I love the colorway. I have loads of hanks waiting to be something...not stashing.

Yeah, I have to agree..What were those fools thinking putting the ads where they did? If they had put the ads in a shopping mall or nightclub (both places they would have to let management know) this would never have happened. And they might actually have gotten some exposure to their target market.

Sorry you were delayed, but man oh man....those characters are so funny! I'm 31 and a HUGE adult swim fan. We have those ads in Chicago and I gotta say, I would never have imagined that they would be confused with a bomb.

I love Windsor Button! I used to work near there, but no more. (Probably just as well.)

Love that Cascade 220. This color looks similar to the one I just bought for my ski hat. Very pretty!


Not knowing what that ad was about doesn't mean you need to get out more- to understand it you would need to get out LESS and spend more time in front of TV.

I'm sorry about the T holdups, but it was extremely funny to hear Aqua Teen Hungerforce snippets on NPR. Another Feb b-day (2/14), but I'm not too excited with turning 37 this year.


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