Very Necessary Blocking

This thing is going to take for-ev-er to dry.


I'm going to ignore the nagging fear that the sleeves are too long. I did drape a damp sleeve over my arm and saw that the sleeve went almost past my finger tips. That might have just been limp, wet wool being too stretchy. Or, it might mean that my sleeves are too long. If worst comes to worst, I can frog back the sleeve caps, take out an inch or two (or four) of the sleeve body, and reknit the cap. That won't be terrible.

Just in case, I scrunched and compacted the sweater pieces as much as I dared. Usually, I block to size, this time, however, I'm blocking the pieces smaller. The idea is that they'll stretch as soon as they're worn. Because the fabric is squished together, the fibers are going to take and extra long time to lose all that moisture. Ugh! No seaming this week.


put a fan on them.. that might help :)

I usually put a fan right in front, and knitting dries overnight! It also helps if your knitting is on a mesh drying rack instead of a towel. Good luck!

Thanks for putting up pics of your sweater blocking. I'm always unsure what blocking is supposed to look like so I appreciate the visual!

I love it! This may be on the project list.
I feel the "may need to frog a finished product" pain. I've had to do it a few times...bleck!

If you continue knitting sweaters like this, I've found my sweater drying screen works well -- you can lay it flat stacked on some books or something to raise it off the surface of the table. That allows air underneath, and with the addition of a fan, as gleek wrote, it might speed the drying.

Looking forward to the FO!

I block my pieces over plastic shopping bags. I just cut them so they'll lie flat, set them on whatever surface I'm using to block (usually our futon), and put my wet stuff on top of them. It really does cut down drying time!

The cuff ribbing looks long enough to fold over, so if they end up too long and before you resort to frogging, try that style. I have a sweater net that I block/dry on too. It has suction cups that attach to the edges and sides of the bathtub, dries in a flash.

your picture looks great, possibly to make the pieces dry faster put the towels over airing racks. If you find the sleeves to long, an easier way is to undue from the bottom. and make the cuff further up the sleeve. Can always make the cuff longer later if needed. works easy if you undue a line where you want the cuff to start. Lovely colour you have there. Great work.

Hmmm. There is a way to rip out those cuffs, secure the open stitches and knit in the opposite direction, thereby leaving it unnecessary to reknit the sleeve caps. I'm trying to pull it from the depths of the unused section of my brain, but I know it can be done...


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