The Winner

Kaffe Fassett's Batik Confetti fabric in the "Slate" color from Reprodepot.

Why did I choose it? Just have a look. It goes perfectly with one of my favorite pendants.


This pendant is by Rebecca Doris of New York's P1, UON. I'm not a big jewelry person, and necklaces and pendants are the only jewelry I wear regularly. I don't even have pierced ears (or as some of my fellow New Englanders might say, PSDS). So, this means that I can specialize, and about once a year I find myself something nice. I found Rebecca's site last summer, via Silvia.

This year I'm tuning the clothing to the accessory. I get loads of compliments on this pendant every time that I wear it. Why not build a look around it?


PSDS! Hee! Oh New England, how I miss you sometimes.

that is so cool, Colleen! I love the pendant and the idea of building the look around it -- too cool!

I love the fabric by itself, but it is going to be another level with the perfect pendant! :)

Very nice choice - I just discovered that Kaffe Fassett has fabrics a few months ago, and that our local quilting shop carries them. Now I just have to get my sewing skills up to par, because some of those prints desperately want to be skirts...

PSDS? Anyway, great choice!

Love the pendant - and the idea to build a look around it is a great one.

The link doesn't seem to be working to the jewelry site -- can you let me know what it is? A girl can always use more baubles!

that IS a gorgeous pendant for sure. i'm very plain vanilla about my jewelry. i can't always be bothered to put on a necklace but i always wear the same rings, bracelet, and earrings (in fact, i NEVER take out my earrings.) lately, with all the pregnancy swelling, it's been tough wearing my rings. i'll cry if i have leave them home soon.

I got PSDS. Too bad P1 UON doesn't make earrings. Loved her stuff. I just bought 2 rings! Thanks for alerting me to this awesome jewelry maker. I'm pretty picky about my jewelry and loved all her stuff. I'm also a big fan of reprodepot for fabrics.

PSDS, eh? I would make fun, but I often speak Newfoundland English and that would be a bit hypocritical.

Love the fabric with the pendant.

so i followed the link to find out what PSDS was the acronym for.

i know, i'm such a lame new englander.

so i followed the link to find out what PSDS was an acronym for.

yes i'm that lame of a new englander.

i love the fabric choice by the way.

Building an outfit around that necklace makes perfect sense to me!

Good fabric. Excellent dictionary. I remember Adam Gaffin's 15 minutes of fame in radio commercials..."so don't I".

You do turn us on to some great jewelry! Love the rings. Seriously! I like the commercial where the guy is proposing to the girl and she says, "It's plastic, you're and idiot." Well, I love the plastics and resins...way fun! She has some lovely, simple pendants. Very eye-catching. Thanks for keeping the Subway Knitter so fun!!!

I lost track of Kaffe Fassett some time ago , so I am interested in knowing when he went into the material business . I made 2 of his sweaters about 15 yrs ago & still have them , but can no longer fit in them . ( geez ya think I gained a little weight or something ) LOL I do like your choice of pattern to go along with your necklace . You sure make a day very interesting that is for sure .. Thank you . Joan

Necklaces, knitting, etsy and sewing - oh yeah - we must be distantly related. :)


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