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So, the new MagKnits wended its way to my inbox yesterday. Recently, like many of you, I have begun to plan projects for which I already have the yarn. It's not that I can't buy yarn, or am on some sort of yarn diet. It's that it just seems the right thing to do, and it presents a wee design/planning challenge.

Someday it will be only slightly cold. I'm not talking about warmth (we Bostonians can't expect that until August). I'm talking about those days when a normal-weight jacket and light hat will do for you. I like to wear a winter hat until at least mid April (and last year I remember wearing my winter hat in JUNE during a freak stretch of cold, rainy weather) but sometimes a big, bulky, woolly thing seems too--well--big, bulky, and woolly. My Red Sox cap is fine for opening day, but otherwise I tend to curtail its use outside of Fenway Park. What's a knitter to do?

This knitter is going to knit the Santa Cruz pattern designed by Sarah-Hope Parmeter. I took this photo from the MagKnits site (but it is saved to my own server).


I love how this pattern is worked up in different yarn weights. I'll be using the worsted-weight version to use up about a half skein of Cascade 220 (it's all Cascade 220 all the time here at Subway Knitter).

Of course, this won't be started until after I finish Miranda's mittens and my second sleeve. How are those mittens coming, you might ask?


That's a great choice, Colleen. Are you going green with it too? Such a springy, hopeful color...

Thanks for the Magknits hint. I've been so out of the knitting loop this past month. I could use a similar hat in my wardrobe. It would also be perfect to wear at home since I tend to keep the condo a bit on the chilly side.

Oh, that is an excellent pattern! I've got a ball of cashsoft at home that would work very well for this, I think. Thankts for the pointer!

Very nice! Until I saw the pattern, I wasn't sure what you meant by different weights (too early, too little coffee). I thought you used two different weights at one time.

I really liked that hat too. I was thinking of a DK weight though.

those mittens will be done in no time! i'm glad you reminded me of magknits. i always forget that they are monthly! and their site is looking better too.

Isn't that pattern lovely? I don't often find patterns there that I want to knit, but I fell in love with that hat instantly. Too bad I look ridiculous in hats. ;)

Well, you've started the mittens, and that's half the battle. (Ok, so literally it's more like .003 of the battle, but mentally, it's half.) That hat is cute!

I love this pattern! Beautiful in all the colors shown.

Love the hat! I use a lot of Cascade 220, too, just a great, versatile yarn in
SO many beautiful colors!
Your persistance with many projects is a real inspiration to me.

All Cascade 220 does my heart so good. We are of a mind on that one, no matter how intractable our toe-up, top-down sock preferences!

Cascade 220 rocks. Great hat pattern. As a Wisconsinite living in California, it is never cold enough for me to wear a hat. With patterns like these, I'm bummed. Looking forward to seeing your version.

I like the way different weights of yarn are included ..


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