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With Shannon's sweater firmly on the blocking board, it's time for a new subway knitting project. Those of you who have been reading here already know what it is.


It's the Santa Cruz hat from the latest MagKnits. I have no idea how this will look on my head, but the style will be perfect for those times I need a hat less for its warmth than for its hair-controlling powers.

I'm using some Cascade 220 that I had in the yarn box. Yup, it's not Subway Knitter if there's no Cascade 220 on the needles. This neutral tan-gray will go with just about everything, which is perfect for an accessory that will transition among many coats.

I noticed that Sarah-Hope's pattern is less a set of line by line instructions than it is a formula. She gives us a gauge, the lace repeat (in a multiple of 12 stitches) and a set of top decreasing instructions. Simple, yet effective. I think that I'm really going to like this pattern.

Sarah-Hope mentioned to me that a few corrections have been made to the original pattern posting. If you printed off an early edition of the pattern, you need to go back and make yourself a new copy. The corrections are there, marked in red.


You know, I glommed on to that pattern like white on rice but didn't really see that it gave instructions for multiple weights until you pointed it out - thanks! I'm in love all over again...

I'm delighted you're on to this. Be sure you have the corrections that go all the way across three rows in red (not with just a few changed digits)--you'll be happier with the results.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the heads up, I was going to make that one after I had finished with the stuff on my needles. I need to go print off another pattern.

This looks like a great pattern -- I particualarly like how she's written it for a variety of yarn weights. I cannot wait to see yours. Speaking of Cascade 220, have you ever tried any of their "Heathers" colors? They are incrediably soft and the colors gorgeous.

I made the Santa Cruz hat in a sport weight after very carefully checking my gauge, and while the finished product was lovely, it only came down to about half an inch above the top of my ears. I'll probably make it again, but double the number of pattern repeats. Just something to look out for!


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