Mystery SCUBA Knitter of the Week?

Extreme KIPing, anyone?

I recently mentioned to someone that I don't like to knit on the beach, but I hadn't considered this alternative when I said that. Thanks to Carrie, who pointed out the story to me. It's about a colleague of hers. I wonder if your gauge is effected when knitting underwater. Do you needles rust or swell? Bet that you would need to use plastic ones.

Is the next step space knitting? Could we lobby NASA?


Now I have knit in a lot of place, boats, trains, cars, planes, while waiting in line at the DOT, at work...the list goes forever, but unless I am felting it I would never knit under water!! That is too funny!!!

We should certainly lobby NASA. Knitting might keep astronauts from losing their nut after they finally get their ride in space and making a public spectacle of themselves.

I don't know that we will want astronauts to have pointy sticks anymore.

Hmmm...all that "floating" yarn might affect tension too.

I spend every day of the summer at the beach making sure no kiddos drown themselves or others.
If I didn't like to knit on the beach, I'd have lost my mind by now!

Maybe knitting in space would help relieve some of the pressure and maybe not produce another psycho.

Egad! I have a hard time picturing the blocking.

(and I agree about knitting on the beach, we just moved back to VA after over a year in Florida. No matter how hard you try things get a bit sandy)

Lucky me! Since retirement I spend time every winter south. If I didn't have my knitting on the beach, I'd go nuts. Just one of those people who can't just do nothing but under water - now really!!

Knitting in actual space wouldn't work (imagine dropping a needle and seeing it float away) .. but in the shuttle? NO .. the little bits of yarn that break off would float around inside the shuttle .. instead of ultimately (???) vacuuming them up, everyone would be having to breathe them ..

sorry .. nice idea though .. if there were time to spare ..

I think it's interesting that the article also mentioned someone knitting while skydiving -- that just doesn't sound like a good idea!

Too funny. I did some beach knitting at the Jersey shore and at the lake near my house that has a wee sand beach. It was fine for me but it's definitely small project territory. My Jersey shore project was a CherryTree Hill sock in the colorway, Life's a Beach.

Ooh- knitting in space... the first advantage I can think of is working with a heavy, bulky sweater- no more strain on your wrist! However, I think dropping a stitch might be slightly more disastrous..


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