Mitten Magic

It's not really magic that's making these mittens, it's my knitting.


I am so very close to finishing mitten number two. Perhaps because of a fall spent knitting lace, double-knit hats, and loooong scarves my project perspective changed. These mittens take no time at all. It is so satisfying to notice progress even from one subway ride.

Of course, I'm enjoying these mittens so much that I knit them a lot more than just during my commute.


It is interesting and quite satisfying to crank it back and see progress on the simpler things. Beautiful blue, by the way.

hooray for mittens! :)

Do other people on the subway recognize you from your recent mitten fame?

The small stuff always seems to be a nice break after the big and complicated.

I love the mitts...and your blog! I came across this bit and thought i would's not underwater knitting but it is a rather unusual item to knit, but does sound like a helpful item...

or you could check it out here:


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