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We have a pair!


Miranda's mittens are done. Or, almost done. Miranda, you have to let me know if you want the i-cord connecting string attached to the mittens so that you can keep them with your coat. Leave a comment here or email me privately to discuss.

For everyone else, I'll share the pros and cons of the mitten string. For the mainly pedestrian me, the string is essential. The CharlieCard stays in my mitten, the mittens stay with my coat, the coat remains on my body. So long as I don't lose the coat (no small feat these days) the mittens and the card stay safe.

If my life were a little more car focused, I would ditch the string. You can't drive while wearing the mittens (much too slippery) and you cannot let them dangle from your coat sleeves while maneuvering your vehicle. This especially applies to those of you with a manual transmission. Trust me. Sooner or later the string and mitten will wrap themselves around the gearshift, you'll move your arm and pop the car into neutral. Fun times.

With the mittens complete, or almost, it's time to turn my attention back to Shannon's sweater.


Ha! Sounds like you know a bit about driving with string.

Great job on the mitts, Colleen!

Maybe button loops would do the same thing while leaving it easy to remove the mitts. A lot of jackets have snaps or buttons on the cuffs so it could work. Put the loop between the two parts of the snap and close or wrap it around the button. Of course it could also fail miserably.

HEHE Are you speaking from wrap around experience? Great mitten pattern! Could hold lunch money for the kiddies?

The mittens are beautiful and the heathered colored yarn is too. I feel a bit "duh", but have to ask what CharlieCards are. I like the idea of the i-cord string. Not just for kids!!!

You had to go rub it in didn't you?
I crave manual transmission.
I can't have it.
They do not make people movers w/ manual transmission for sale in the US.
As much as I hate to admit that I need one, I do... thus, no manual for me.
cool mitts tho

So.. I have to ask, what is a charliecard?

Emily the Knitter

Nice mittens! I love the color & will make these so when I move to England I don't lose my rail pass.

The same applies to scarves! Don't thrown it around your neck while you are closing the door. You might need help getting yourself away from the vehilce!

OK .. for those who don't keep up .. tell them what a charlie-card is!

Charlie Card is the new public transit card in Boston. It isn't swiped, it's tapped, so you don't need to take it out of the pocket.
I keep trying to convince my sister that she needs me to knit her these mittens for her Charlie Card, but she's not biting. They are so cute.

Those mittens look great! Just wondering, is there a pattern somewhere on the web for them? I'd love to make a pair but deciding what kind to try is hard!



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