It's Hard Work Being a Model

So says my niece Kate.


My sister was kind enough to send me these pictures of Kate all suited up for the snow. Look at those mitts! They work perfectly with the snowsuit. Kate's a fashionista at five months! Yup, she's advanced, I tell you. Very, very advanced.


What a dollbaby! And where is all THAT snow?? we still have less than an inch in Stoughton! But's it's cold this morning 8 here!I am going to try your Charlie Mittens today my daughter was home this weekend, lives in Boston, goes to Northeastern and is working a co-op. She loved the picture and idea! So I'm off to try....thanks for sharing!

OMGoodness. That's one cute babe!!

What a cute picture! The mittens are adorable!

Awww, she is beautiful all suited up in the snow with her little mitts on.

You are really not helping with the whole biological clock thing posting such cute pictures.

wow... she's getting cuter each month! what a lucky auntie! yeah, i printed out the tea cozy pattern last week... so cute.

Oh, and my mom was discussing you yesterday, you and the charlie card mittens! :)

I have to admit, I am going to make myself a pair b/c Dan filled a charlie card for me this weekend so that me "non-commuter" can easily hop on and off the bus for trips to boston yarn shops!
:) kate

What a beauty. So cute she is and I love the mittens too.

What a cutie! Great little mitts!

aw! what a cutie!!

That little cutie could pull off anything! How adorable!

Adorable! The mitts are perfect. I love those snow suits.

Awww. Pink cheeks and snowsuits, plus auntie-crafted mitts equals one darling babe.

I can't believe she's 5 months already. Seems she was just born. Tempus fugit!

She is adorable & very proud of her mittens, I can tell :-)!!

Just wait until she starts charging you for "arrears" in payment!


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