I "Heart" Knitting!

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!

With Miranda's mittens atop the FO pile chez Subway Knitter, it's time to turn my yarny attentions to the second sleeve. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to turn to another project that I love? [I'll admit that tucking into some chocolate wouldn't be a bad alternative. Mmmm, chocolate!]

Not that I didn't love knitting those mittens--I hold a special place in my heart for small projects, and Cascade 220. But, this project was a surprise. I've written before that I expected a mostly stockinette project to be mostly dragging by now, especially by the second sleeve. The Very Necessary Sweater has been very surprising in this regard. Knitting this thing is a guilty pleasure (hey, just like chocolate!)


Incidentally, Shannon posted about the great customer service she received from the Namaste people regarding the problems she had with her messenger bag. Way to go Namaste!

So, can Subway Knitter finish this sleeve, block, and seam the sweater before her birthday? Stay tuned to find out!


I love this sweater - the yarn looks so snuggly. A good thing as I look out my snowy window..... tks for commenting over at my place too, I was feeling lonely! Am adding the ribbing today and already I like it better, but I don't think I can "ungift" once promised. (can I???)

Yeah, I've recently revisited some of my baby knits and to my surprise, 220 was a champion performer as far as wear was concerned. Glad the sweater is so enjoyable!!

How beautiful! The color is splendid. And I love Cascade 220. It's so squishy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

That looks so comfy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

When's your birthday? Mine's Sunday. HB to you!

happy valentine's day!

Here's a little trick, that you may or not have tried. If you CO and knit both sleeves at once they finish at the same time and it makes you very happy.


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