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In my last post about the Very Necessary Sweater (go to the linked post to get a link to this--free!--sweater pattern from Shannon ), I questioned if I could finish this knit and wear it by my birthday. I could, in theory, do that. In practice, however, I probably won't. I participated in Knitting Olympics last year. I did Sockapaloooza (and indeed was also a Sock Savior). I knit a couple of other things that absolutely positively needed to get done by a certain date, or else.

I enjoyed the intense bursts of knitting activity that each of those projects required, but I'm tired of deadlines. Therefore, I'm not giving myself a deadline in my own knitting. I'll surely get the knitting done by my birthday (and given that my car is marooned in ice at the moment, and that I have some major moving around to do this weekend, I'll have loads of subway knitting time) but I can guarantee that the finishing won't be happening by then. Maybe by the middle of next week I'll have an FO to share, but not by Monday.

I do care that this post lacks a photograph. I'm still learning the ways of SKDigiCam 2.0 (my new digital camera) and I have yet to determine when I should proactively plop the batteries in the charger. Somehow between yesterday and today the batteries went from being full to completely empty. And, uh, I gotta go to work, so I can't wait for them to charge before publishing this post.


Happy almost Birthday Colleen, mine is Monday as well. Hope your day is terrific.

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great birthday weekend!
(I am protesting knitting deadlines right now, too - I just did a "Secret Cupid" and am doing the Knitty sock exchange...I am DONE for awhile!)

Think of them as "guidelines" instead of deadlines. That seems to work for me. Or best yet, try "knitting a sweater during the year" or such. Hope my suggestions help!

We'll sit tight to wait for pics. They're icing, not necessarily the meat.

I'm with you on deadlines. Knitting should be something to enjoy, not something to battle. I have enough battles and deadlines as it is.

I really hate it when camera batteries do that. It is *so* irritating. My hubby's rechargeable battery rule of the house: if you've used it during the day (or even if you haven't), recharge the batteries at night.

I hope you have/had a very Happy Birthday.

I feel the same way you do about the knitting. There are some things that have deadlines, but stuff for myself, never.

Happy Birthday, Colleen! And many happy returns of the day. Here's to eschewing the deadlines; may they know and keep their place. Hope to see you soon.

Happy birthday! You had a holiday. Hope you celebrated well.


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