Death of a Sock

I had an odd feeling on the sole of my foot. I looked down and discovered why.


There was a time, long ago, when I was afraid to wear handknit socks, for fear of wearing them out. Well, I've obviously gotten over that fear. Handknit socks feel too nice on your feet to leave them in the drawer, even when they aren't knit from Koigu, or Lorna's, or your favorite Etsy seller's hand-dyed sock yarn.

These were knit from some Bernat acrylic that came my way via KG (that's Knitting Grandma to new blog readers). If I remember correctly, I secretly dubbed these the Amtrak socks because not only did I knit the majority of this pair while riding on Acela, but I also noticed while knitting that the yarn colorway does a pretty good imitation of Amtrak's color scheme.

I never wore these socks out of the house; they were used as slippers to pad around the apartment on cold days. Since it's almost always cold chez Subway Knitter, they got used a lot. This is evidenced by the hole.


Digging through the yarn box the other day, I found another skein of the Bernat. You can guess what's going on my needles very soon. More slippers!


I've been throwing away all my storebought socks with those holes lately... making room for some handknit ones! I like the "amtrak" colorway, very Subway Knitter.

Just goes to show the old "acrylic wears like iron" truism is in fact a, er, falsism.

If acrylic socks are going to wear out, you might as well be wearing out your koigus!

You could just reknit the toe of the sock.

I recently had the same thing happen :o(

I like Lorraine's suggestion to reknit the toe!

do you think that you could darn them?

I'm sorry they wore out, but at the same time, I find it pretty cool when I use something enough to wear it out. And it's always fun to have a reason to cast something new on!

Those are so fixable! Don't give up... you can darn these.
join me... I've got a toe I'm about to work on.

WOW. That's some wear-and-tear!

I agree with Jennifer -- I think you should feel somewhat proud of wearing your hand-knits to the wearout stage. Yay, handknit socks!

I'd fix those too, but I'd make new ones ALSO. MORE SOCKS=BETTER :)

I like the colours. Too bad about the hole.

Acrylic wears really well and I still miss my handknit slippers. I think I may have to cast on some more. I would love to use wool, but here at Chez Tumblefur, acrylic would be easier to manage.

It gave it's life to a good cause.

Uh-oh!! Jessalu just had a sock hole incident, too, and actually managed to darn hers perfectly . . . Just thought I'd mention! from Jess's blog. I may like your approach of another sock more.

hi i need a very easy pattern for socks. i have never made any but have tried only to turning the heel with no success. thanks lin

I just found an identical hole in my handknit socks and blogged about it (and darning them).

There must be an epidemic of sock holes recently!

Give you a tip .. my grandmother made a lot of socks .. with a husband, brothers, kids, AND grandkids .. what she did was knit the heels and toes last .. and when they wore out she simply pulled (or cut) them out, and knit new ones .. also .. use double yarn and maybe a size smaller needle to compensate .. it works .. and they last longer ..

I think your socks are great. I like knitting socks too. But I very rarely wear them out of the house. I'm knitting some socks for my son. I'm going to knit the toe and heel with smaller needles. They tell me that they'll last longer. I think knitting just the toe again is a great idea. Should be fast and easy. I love your socks.

Dont toss those beloved socks...just stitch on a flannel patch...maybe in a heart shape? Just zig zag it on the it stretches with the socky...
;0) Moon

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