Cruz-ing Along

I've been waiting days to use that title.

The Santa Cruz hat from the latest MagKnits is knitting up well. It's a lace design, but not a very complicated one. If anyone's looking to an introduction to lace knitting, this here's your pattern.


When I did the math, I discovered that Sarah-Hope's sizes were a bit small for my head. Her pattern results in a hat for a 19-inch head. Mine's 21.5 inches. Further investigation uncovered that the number of stitches cast on (if one were to pretend that this was a stockinette-stitch hat) would result in a hat circumference of 15 inches.

Sarah-Hope's doing this because she knows lace stretches. But, I decided to add on one more repeat to accommodate my big head. I cast on 84 stitches instead of the pattern's 72. This means that I need to fiddle a bit with the crown decreases to accomplish more decreases in the same number of rows. Instead of Sarah-Hope's interval of nine stitches between the first set of decreases, I'll begin the decreases one row later, and use an interval of seven stitches.

How did I arrive at my alternative instructions? I fudged. There was no formula and no math applied. Trust me.


it looks cool, I may just make one myself! Especially if you say the lace isn't too hard....

You are just cruz-ing along on that hat.

I was waiting to use that one too.

Knitting is an art and a science, and sometimes fudging is necessary. It looks great!

I've bookmarked Santa Cruz for a future project. Thanks for the info on mods for the more "ample-meloned" among us :o)

What adult human being has a 19-inch head? My son's head was 19 inches at his 13-month checkup! Thanks for sharing your modifications--I'd like to knit this one myself, but I've got a 22-inch noggin...

the "cruz" looks like a fun knit. Like cooking, knitting is truly an art, everyone makes little changes to make it their own.

That hat should be nice. How's the weather there, now. Wet and slushy.


Very nice! You're making great progress.

It looks great!

Hat looks awesome! Hey my mittens came yesterday! They are great! And so thoughtfully wrapped. Thanks Colleen!! :)

Oh, that is just beautiful. My first reaction was to want to touch it. Not an option on my computer, I guess!

Keep inspiring us!!!!

I just finished same in the sock-weight. Your warning of the sizing is correct. I ended up using the size four needles but the directions and counts for the size two (cast on 108 etc.) Worked up awesome and have more planned! Thanks for the tips and hints!

That hat is going to be so cute!


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