The fabric is here (those Reprodepot folks are fast), now I'm just waiting for the pattern to arrive.


It is in this project that I will confront, and hopefully conquer, one of my biggest sewing demons: the zipper. To that end, the kind folks at Windsor Button (where I also purchased the zipper) recommended that I purchase one of these rolling zipper foots. Hmmm, I've never had a rolling zipper foot. Could that have been my problem in prior projects?

We shall see.


Here's a tip for zippers that they taught at the Bernina Mastery class .... sew a seam where you mean to put the zipper, with big basting stitches. Sew the zipper in while the seam is still closed, and take out the basting after you're sure the zipper's in the right place. That way, the fabric will meet perfectly to hide the zipper.

That frock will be simple and chic! And Rachel H is spot-on with her zipper advice. I'd forgotten about that.

Since you have to wait for the pattern, I hope you are preshrinking everything, the fabric, interfacing, zipper, etc. Also, I have been known to hand baste in the zipper, even with the closed seam. That gives me a nice marking for the machine stitching to follow. I love that fabric and that pattern!

It's been a decade at least since I machined in a zipper, but I did use a zipper foot, and the experience was not heinous. I confess ignorance regarding the difference between a zipper foot and the rolling variety. Hmm, maybe there's not information in this comment. I'll let it stand, though.

I second Rachel H.'s zipper advice, I have been doing that for a number of years, wish I'd known that the first 30 years of putting them in! It's perfect every time, and really so easy!

never seen that kind of foot! i use the zipper foot that comes with my machine, with no trouble. i have a bunch of zippers i got cheap at a garage sale once. used em for practice. once you figure otu the foot (visually and mentally) it's soooo easy.

Rachel H.'s zipper advice is the way my mom taught me to put in zippers way back when. Thanks to her I never have had zipper trauma! Good luck! It will be a lovely dress.

I noticed that you are using an invisible zipper. they install in a slightly different way than a regular one so be sure to read the instructions in the package. Also that is why the different zipper foot was suggested. I love the look of the invisible ones but they are hard to find where I am.

An invisible zipper can't be sewn into place with a close seam. Use your rolling foot and sew it on the seam line before seaming the panels together. Be sure to mark your end point on both the fabric panels and the zipper itself so that your seam will come together correctly. Sew with long stitches until you have it right. I sewed for many years before I conquered the invisible zipper and am thrilled every time I put one in. Try this link:
It's fun once you get the hang of it.

Wow! Where do you find the time? I try to carry my knitting everywhere... but never seem to get to acutally knit? Mabye that has something to do w/ not having a subway, but having to drive my kids everywhere?? I'd love to make a dress... unfortunately 1 & 2 year olds and sewing machines don't go together.

Good luck with the zipper. I hope it goes well for you.

Zippers are hard. >.< Good luck!

Invisible zippers can be a bit more...involved...but patience will show that pesky zipper who's the boss! Now, a handpicked zipper - that's labor intensive! Both have a similar effect. You will prevail!

My step-grandmother (who is a scarily good seamstress) hand-sews all of her zippers in. Just so you know, it's a very respectable way to do it.


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