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Seriously, I could have 100 different bags. Depending on what I'm carrying, the time of year, and my mood my needs in the bag department can vary greatly.

The applies especially to knitting bags. I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. Mostly my shopping is confined to the theoretical. In reality I need only two knitting bags: one big and one small--and I have them. My fantasy life involves bags with flaps, bags with zippers, bags of sturdy materials, and bags of shimmery silk (for those times when the WIP wants to play dress-up). There would be small bags for socks, and large bags for sweaters. There would be winter bags and summer bags, travel bags and work bags.

So, if I were to indulge these fantasies, which bags would be added to my collection?

The last time I was in New York, I spent some time at the Brooklyn Industries store. There, I tried very, very hard to convince myself that this would be a practical purchase for an everyday bag:


But in the end I knew better and the bag stayed on its little hook. The bag doesn't match my current coat, and the price was a little more than I wanted to pay for something that wouldn't be an everyday bag. Still, I like it. And, for a weekend-on-the-go shoulder bag for the spring, it would be perfect. I would, then, of course require another, similar, bag in a neutral color. Straw, perhaps? [See, this is my problem.]

Then Knitsmith Shannon shows up with this fabby Namaste Bag. Hello, indeed! What knitter doesn't want a Namaste bag to throw over her shoulder? Unfortunately, the shoulder strap on Shannon's bag was having some serious problems after only a month of use. I want to see if the problem is an anomaly, and how it will be addressed by the company before I make my move.

If I were to design my own bag, I would spend waaaay too much time here. First, because it's fun to play with bag shapes and color combinations and second because the possibilities are endless. Don't be fooled, although the home page seems very girly, I'm sure that there are some subdued and serious fabrics lurking inside. I remember that just before Ingrid left us for the mountains of Colorado, she engaged in some retail therapy and indulged herself in a couple bags from 1154 Lill.

Vicarious shopping: always practical and a lot easier on the ol' checking account!


maybe it's time to host a handbag party??? I checked the link and love Shannon's bag too - but the cord is maybe not an all year bag?

I have that Brooklyn Industries bag in gray with white squares! And I'm dying to get the white one with big red polka dots... Small world.
Since I'm on a yarn diet, I have to spend my $$ somewhere!

Wow, that's an awesome bag. I'd have a hard time walking away from it.

I just got sucked into the Namaste website last night! I was curious what others thought of their bags. Its good to know that messenger one may not stand up to my abuse!

I've got one of those Namaste bags, and I love it. I don't use mine that often, so I can't weigh in on the shoulder strap issue, but I know Allison @ Circles has one that she uses daily that has held up well.

OK, I've bookmarked the BKI site for future reference (read: purchase!). Adorable and affordable, I can see how you're drawn to that handbag.

Pia: My experience with Namaste bags has been positive. I bought the Jetsetter last summer and promptly stuffed it full. Although it is not real leather, it has held up to regular use. My only concern is the longevity of the magnetic fastener.

I have that Namaste bag, and it is awesome. I've used it everyday since I got it at the end of November, and I haven't had any trouble with it. A lot of my friends have it, too, and I haven't heard of any problems.

Did you see the new black one I just got in??? Soooooo nice. I haven't heard any problems from anyone and I absolutely think she should contact them. They are the nicest people and I'm sure they would replace it. Tell her to ask for Kelly.

I hear you. I lust after many many bags. I finally broke down and got a Jordan Paige last year. I use it all the time!

I've got one of those Namaste bags. Love it.

god, i love bags. bags and shoes. i'm an accessories type of girl!

One can NEVER have too many bags...

That is a great bag. I really love bags, but I almost never carry one if I can get away with it.

I love Brooklyn Industries--in fact, one of the great things about the store is, if you buy enough, they give you your stuff in a cool, reusable shopping bag!

I could start a whole other blog --- Confessions of a Bagaholic! Have you checked out the Lawre Laine knitting bags?? They're GREAT! Check them out -

Thanks all! I may use part of my tax return on a bag now:)

i, too, am a bagaholic. i think my next one will be from

i, too, am a bagaholic. i think my next one will be from


mmmmm bags

That Namaste bag looks like my preferred purse style. Knitting bag? I'd end up using it as a purse!

This lady makes some very cool bags out here in California!
I spent over $100 in $15 bags for xmas gifts, and then could barely stand to part with them all. check it out, too cute!

going to put my feet up tonight and do some (big piece) work on the Tigger afghan while watching History Channel .. oh what a combination!

I've been thinking it's time to destash my knitting bag collection. I have another one coming next week!! (probably tomorrow)

I have a Namaste bag (one of the 'leather' ones) and, after about a month, one of the strap came undone where it wraps around the ring that's attached to the bag. I emailed the Namaste folks and they were fantastic. They immediately sent out a replacement and included a paid mail label. I just had to put my old bag in the box the new one came in, slap the label on, and drop it at UPS! It was disappointing that it had a problem, but the resolution was great.

I'm also a total bag-a-holic. I've definitely fallen off the wagon after reading this post, though. Luckily it's been a while since I've gotten a new one!

Ooh, I have that Namaste bag, in turquoise. I got it from PureKnits but I don't think she is carrying them now. I haven't had any problems. LOVE it!

Hi Colleen,
I really enjoy your blog
and I look forward to it every day.


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