True Confessions

That Subway Knitter, she's full of secrets. You all know about the Wavy Cables Scarf.

What you didn't know is that all along, despite passing it off as a knit for myself, it was really a gift. Hee, hee.

And, there were a couple of things that happened decidedly off-blog the past several weeks.

First, we have this:


Or, would you prefer it in red?


And, which snowflake is your favorite? No two are alike, you know. I had a request in for a new hat, and it was the perfect opportunity to try out my newly honed double-knitting skills. I took Alison's Doubleknitski Hat pattern, and adjusted it for my gauge. Then, just to make things more interesting, I decided to add some snowflakes. To make things really interesting, I designed five different snowflake charts to be spaced evenly around the hat. I'm not a huge fan of Fair Isle knitting, but I could really get into colorwork in double knitting.

So, all this was done by, oh, the second week in December. Last week, while crusing around Blogland, I discovered the Irish Hiking...Hat pattern over at Nik's Knits. It inspired me.

Using some yarn leftover from the scarf, I made this:


I modified Nik's pattern with the Wavy Cables pattern. And, just so the hat and scarf weren't too matchy-matchy I used a six-stitch cable on the hat, instead of simply copying the four-stitch one used on the scarf. I whipped this up in about a day, and I completely fudged the crown decreases.

Stay tuned for details about both hats.


The hats look great! I love the snowflakes and the colors. So warm!

Oh I am so impressed with the snowflake hat-wonderful. I have been tempted by doubleknitting and by fair isle, but I think I'll try them in separate projects first.

Ah, I love the double knit hat! It came out gorgeous. The pattern you based it on was my introduction to double knitting, last year.

It looks as if you, however, did not have the same issues with gauge on the purl side that I did. Nice work. :)

well, look at you miss secret knitter. i love the doubleknit hat. excellent!

The double-knit hat is awesome. I love how you used different snowflakes. No two are alike in nature, why should they be alike on a hat?

I love all of them!

I love both hats! and as Kat says, why should the snowflakes be alike? ;) awesome!

you're so secretive! :) i love the fair isle hat. what a great idea to have all different snowflakes!

Sneaky, sneaky! Fabulous results though. I like your tweaks on the patterns especially that the snowflakes are all different.

Wow - they're all wonderful - I'm in awe!

I love the double knit hat! :)

Yay, you're all about the techniques lately! The double knit hat is fabulous. And it will be nice and warm!

I can't believe what beautiful knitting work you're doing - your hats as well as the scarf are simply amazing! And the fact that the snowflakes on the hat aren't the same, what a great detail this is! I'm really impressed by your work - very beautiful!

The hat looks like the famous socks knit by the Nurse in War and Peace ..

You sly boots!

Oh, you're good! Love the DK hat and the wavy cable, er Irish Hiking hat!

Oh! Gorgeous hats! I especially love the snowflakes. Stranded knitting is my new obsession.

Wow! I really love that double knit snowflake hat! (would you ever consider posting the snoflakes chart on your blog?) The hat and scarf set is beautiful too; what a lucky person the recipient is!

I adore the snowflake hat! What wonderful knitting and idea!

I adore the snowflake hat! What wonderful knitting and idea!

I've knit for ever it seems but I'm not familiar with double-knitting. Can anyone explain briefly or suggest a web-site? I especially love the wavy hat. The pattern is beautiful and looks so warm. Is there a pattern?


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