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Wow! I'm glad that you all liked the Charlie Card Mittens. It was a simple alteration to a common knitted item. If you want a pair--go for it. The reader scanned the card through the pocket just fine.

If you remember I blogged about my swatch for Shannon's Very Necessary Sweater back in December. A couple of other necessary things got in the way of my beginning the sweater just then.

Guess what? My knitting plate is very clean. It's time for my next helping of knits!

Very Necessary Cast On.jpg

How fitting was it that I had the opportunity to see Shannon last weekend and fill her in on my upcoming project? So far I have had to adjust the pattern for my gauge (Shannon wasn't surprised), and add a little length to the body. Not big changes. I want my sweater to look just like the one in the picture (and to fit me just as well).

I'm using some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran that I've stashed for at least a year. Do you want to know its name? Casket. Seriously. It's not such a strange name for yarn if you know that "casket" can also mean a small chest or box for jewels. But still, I (and probably many others) think of it as simply a synonym for coffin. What a weird name for yarn.

Get ready to follow along.


It's like Urban Decay had a yarn line... what would the others be?


hmmm. I could go on and on!

Meg jokes, but I'm pretty Sure Rowan has had colors named Sludge and Asphalt in the past!

glad to hear the mitten with card worked just fine! So cool. :)

I love that color of silkroad aran -- despite the name. And I just cracked up at meg's list of names if Urban Decay sold yarn... though I have to say, Rowan has some ridiculous names too. :)

Lovely color! I am finishing up the slouchy cardigan from Greetings from the Stitch Cafe in Silkroad in the olive color. I don't like the color for me so I am giving the sweater to my mother. What is your choice method of blocking for this type of yarn?

I enjoy your blog!

Perhaps the name and our reaction is a matter of British (or Australian) versus American English.

Especially since caskets -- jewel holders or otherwise -- tend to not be a nice, warm, brown that reminds me of butterscotch chips. (And I'm pretty sure they don't tend to be the real-life yarn color either!)

I love your Charlie Mittens. What a clever idea!

Casket is a weird name for a yarn. Even if it does mean jewelry box or small box.

Casket. Huh. Not what I would have chosen. It is a beautiful color, though -- it reminds me of the striated warm tones in the Grand Canyon.

It's a fun knit and I wear mine all the time. I love it. The one thing that I am not entirely happy with is the bind off on the neck line. I either screwed it up or they are written not to be symmetrical opposites on each side. Which isn't that big of a deal but I like symmetry. I would hedge bets that I screwed it up as all other aspects of the pattern were spot on!

I am just sewing up the seams to this sweater!!! I really enjoyed knitting it and CAN'T wait to wear it. I saw the pattern on your blog back in Dec. and started right away. Thanks for sharing. Shannon was a sweetheart answering my questions and helping me.
I used Katia pisco in natural.

The casket yarn is a beautiful color. It is an odd choice of a name, though. Meg has a funny sense of humor.

Maybe someday you will come up with a Subway Knitter yarn line...wouldn't that be fun!

Keep knitting! It is inspiring!

Cute mittens. I find that the Charlie Card reads through my wallet and coat pocket, so I am really never taking the card out (just hip check the reader or pull the wallet out). But I don't travel light (if I did, that would be a terrific idea)!

I've been enjoying the Subway Knitter for a little while now. I love to knit and it's fun and inspiring to hear such diversified input. I especially love the wavy scarf and hat. Is there a pattern or picture of the sweater you are starting? It's nice to know there is so much company in the knitting world. I started when it wasn't cool. I just liked it. Crocheting too. Think I was born in the wrong era!!! Keep up the inspiration.

Hi Colleen,I especially hate
doing sleeves,especially the second one so now I knit them both at the same time on a longer circular
needle and two separate balls of yarn and I find i don't hate doing sleeves anymore.


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