[10:26am, EST, ETA: Over $600!]

Huzzah! You people rock! Since I announced my charity raffle, and since Mac Daniel wrote about it in yesterday's Boston Globe readers have donated almost $600 to Rosie's Place. Six. Hundred. Dollars. That's incredible! Dare I set a goal of $1,000 by next Friday?

A few local bloggers also posted about my raffle, and for that I am very thankful. I myself am always a little ho-hum when someone says "Hey, post this on your blog." It's my blog sweetie, and I'm gonna post what I wanna. But these bloggers took my request to heart. Thanks guys! (Guys, right? Men write each of these blogs, no? If I'm wrong, I know that some kind reader will let me know.)

Haven't donated yet? You still have a chance. Not only will you be entered into my raffle for a (custom made) pair of the Amazing CharlieCard Mittens, you might also win one of two amazing shawl pins. Leslie Wind and Chris at Scotts Mountain Crafts have both generously donated examples of their handmade shawl pins. And, really, what could be better on a cold windy day like today than snuggling up in your handknit shawl and securing it with a work of art? Nothing, that's what. I'm touched by your generosity ladies, really and truly touched.

Meanwhile, progress on Shannon's sweater continues, although it has been minimal this week. Not a soul recognized me on the Orange Line yesterday (and thank goodness--I do need my knitting time) so I knit in peace. Pictures and an update tomorrow.


I think what you're doing is great, Colleen! Way to go!

I'm pretty sure you'll blow your 1000 USD goal :)

Cheers Eva

hooray! let's hope the numbers keep climbing!

Congratulations! It sounds like a really good cause.

That's terrific news! Good for you for getting this rolling, too!
Hmmm, speaking of the mittens, that pocket looks just right to hold my Muni (San Francisco Bus) pass....

I've been away from knitblogs for the last week, but what do I see on the list of most viewed articles but the Subway Knitter!
That is such a great idea; if I still lived near the T, I would be making a pair this second.
Rosie's Place is a wonderful group-our schools and library have also done lots of fund-raising and donations for them--although our energies are turned inward right now :-(

Hurray for generous knitters! I'm sure you'll meet your $1000 goal.
I contributed a little, but in nyc, we still need to swipe our cards, so in the off chance that I actually win something, I think I'll let you donate it to a worthy bostonian, k?

I'm sorry that I can't do the raffle(I'm an underemployed actor at the moment). I want to tell you that what you are doing is wonderful. And the mittens and pins are a great idea.
A suggest: you could sell the pattern(I would definitely let people know..I teach knit and crochet classes at the Harriet Tubman House in Boston)on line. It's a great pattern.
All The Best,
Trudi Goodman

Congrats on the buzz, and the huge kharma points for the Rosie's draw. I'll link you certainly for my next post.

Hurray for you! May the good guys win!

what & who is Rosie's Place ?


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