Oh Boy!!

People: you have done it! The total donations have just cleared $1,000!! This, however, is no reason to stop giving if you're still on the fence about it. There's no reason that we can't give Rosie's Place more than that.

In other less-exciting news the ancient SKDigiCam (that's my digital camera) is suddenly giving me fits. This should come as no surprise at all given that the camera is more than five years old and is used almost constantly. The only surprise should be that it's lasted this long when I drop it once a week. Cameras have improved in function and dropped in price markedly during the past five years, so I should be able to pick up a little point-and-shoot without breaking the Subway Knitter bank account.

At any rate, I think that I can easily cobble together some digital camera services for a while--until I can get a new one. It's not as if it's a laptop or anything.


i highly recommend the casio exilim. i love my camera and it's small and easy to use. takes great pictures for a point and shoot.

I just got a Fuji Finepix from my boyfriend for Christmas. It works great, and he said he did a bunch of on-line research to find out what was the best point-and-shoot out there. Hope you have fun finding a new camera!

Bully for you, $1000 for Rosies! I emailed my friend who works there, she is planning to get in touch with you. Good luck with your camera search.

We got a Canon DSC-W100. Lurve it. The W70 is just about as good and a little cheaper...but hey, our insurance was paying for it so we splurged.

Sorry. Sony. Not Canon. Can't believe I remembered the initials, but not the brand. Ugh.


And, I love, love, love my Canon Elph....

Canon Elphs are nice, and really cute -- I was very sad when mine died (in an unfortunate incident in Hawaii involving a tube of suntan oil which somehow lost its cap as I was carrying stuff around in my bag. Lesson learned.) I have a new Canon now, a Rebel XT, which is super fabulous, but a bit pricey (though a good deal on Amazon) and not as easily portable as the Elph.

Man, what kind of camera do you have? it sounds like a beast! you should get the same brand, if it lasted thru so much =) glad to hear you reached the 1k mark!

So weird. I'm stopping by to check in on your blog and I see "Rosie's Place". Hm, I think, I know that name. Sure enough I click the link. Yep while at Boston Univ, Sch of Public Health doing a certificate program we did a collaboration with them using them as a model or something! In my files somewhere I have a letter from them. Nice job raising money!


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