Not Quite Sweater Weather Yet

Dude, what is up with this New England weather? Right now, as I type, it is 68F in my apartment. That's good, right? Yes, it is. Especially when I can achieve this by setting my heat at only 55F. This would not be so amazing were it May and not JANUARY. I'm not complaining (much), except to note that I had not realized how essential winter cold was in keeping my allegies at bay. It's January and they're still bothering me. Aaah-chooo!

Anyway, with this in mind what the heck am I doing knitting mittens?

Green Mittens.jpg

Well, you see, it's like this. Last weekend I found myself on a train. On a train and toting an incredible amount of luggage with me. Why complicate matters further by carrying along a big project like a sweater? And (I'm embarrassed to admit this) I'm fresh out of mittens. Yup, you read that correctly. I, a knitter, have no mittens to call my own.

This situation must be corrected. So, I threw a skein of Cascade 220 [Colorway unknown. You think that I might have copied it down before tossing the lable, but no. This blog is not Mensa Knitter, apparently] and my DPNs into my bag and away I went for a crazy weekend in the Big Apple.

Upon my return I had almost an entire pair of mittens, a very warm apartment, and a new knitting bag.


I think I might just have to knit some mittens, too. (After the colourwork mittens for my SIL that only lack thumbs.) The Knitting Nature mittens look great, and they were in the fall Interweave.

It's been uncommonly warm in the Midwest, as well. And coincidentally I, too, am knitting mitts. Am I nuts?

I had planned to start a lap blanket to keep me warm as I knit. Scratch that!!!
My shasta daisies in my garden are growing!! How much yarn do you need for your mittens? Any favorite pattern? Sick of socks and we will at some point need mittens.

I was planning to make myself a hat and mittens but it's been so warm in New England that I haven't bothered. This weather is just freakish isn't it?

oh my god, the weather around here has been freaky! i can't believe how warm it's gonna be today. i want to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in the apartment.

nice mittens. i think that i'm going to cast on for some today too :)

Just keep repeating: Low gas bill, low gas bill, low gas bill. And then go spend all that saved money on summer weight yarn. :-)

I just love Strand bags. That's a great one.

The weather has been YUCK!! 70's here in Southside Virginia with storms and tornado watches/warnings last night. I want cold and snow!

Be careful what you wish for. I am in a Denver suburb and we have had 3 huge snowstorms in 3 weeks. And there is no plowing of neighborhood streets. The streets are like minefields now with the melting between snows.
The packed level of my street is 8 inches higher than my sidewalk! But the good news is there is more time for knitting when stuck at home!

it's 70 here today in DC. outside. completely weird.

Great bag, and great looking mittens! :)

Do you have a good generic mitten pattern? Mittens are one of my favorite small projects but I haven't found a base recipe that I LOVE yet. Enjoy the blog! -a

And, here I thought I was the only one having allergy troubles in all this mild weather. A friend said it was all the thawed out mold. Ew.
Cute mittens you have. And that's a great bag, too.

i too would like an easy mit pattern. fast and easy, my motto.

love the new knitting bag.

Colleen, Nice mittens. We now need something to go along with them! This weather is just not right!

I am spending my first winter in Tennessee and HATING it! My allergies are horrible! I miss the cold and snow. Those mittens look nice, I may have to be brave and try a new pattern. I have been making baby blankets and am completely sick of them.

I was just there. I love that book store. You get the true spirit of the city being in that store.

Hooray for new mittens! I think I have the same color in my stash - it's #9428, which my LYS labels "Thyme".

I love the weather we're having in MD. No complaints. The group I belong to just finished knitting over 48 pairs of mittens for charity. It was a great way to use up crazy yarn. We put it around the cuffs. It was a simple 2 needle pattern. And with all of that I too do not have a pair of mittens. I guess I better get started.

What are you doing making mittens when the temperate is "so clement"?

That's the time .. when you need something is w..a..y too late!

Dude, the weather is beginning to freak me out. I stick my head out the door to check the temp and I get all cranky because it's warm. Last night's rain annoyed me. Usually I like the sound of the rain on the roof, but I want silent fluffy snow.I'm going to be an optimist and start a pair of thrummed mittens.

here in maine, it is the same as the above in the weather department.... wayyyyyyy to warm for january.... bring on the snow... love the mittens.. the bag is terrific too.still working on hats here in my world.. mittens come next.we may get hit yet!! hope springs eternal!

Ooo, I *love* the strand bags. They are perfect for knitting.


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