No Sleeve is an Island

Yesterday I wrote that I knit a lot on Shannon's sweater over the weekend. That wasn't exactly true. I knit a lot on each end of the weekend, but very little in between.

I found myself on the bus. I have to admit that it was a step down from my usual Acela Quiet Car, but for a tenth of the price (if that) of an Acela round trip one cannot complain too loudly. And, really, for a tenth of the price it wasn't that bad, if it was bad at all. I had my knitting, I had my iPod. I even had chocolate. When one has chocolate, things are not too bad.

And neither was the knitting. I discovered that if I sit in the aisle toward the front of the bus I am no longer prone to motion sickness. This was a good discovery. I don't need to look at this project too often, so I could watch the road ahead of me, thus avoiding the sideways motion at the corner of my eyes--bad in a motor vehicle, not so much in a train (yes it's a mystery). Despite a couple of small frogging episodes (one at Hartford, another at New Haven) I finished the back by the Bronx. By then it was too dark to think about starting something new, so I just enjoyed the remainder of the ride.

On the way back. I had nothing more to do but knit my sleeve. My seatmate wasn't chatty and neither was I, so I sunk into my iPod and my Jo Sharp.


There's no such thing as Sleeve Island with this sweater (hey, remember I wrote that when I'm complaining about the second sleeve, 'kay?)! I don't know if it's the yarn or the gauge or both, but clearly I'm enjoying the simple stockinette.


Fung Wah? Or LimoLiner? I love life too much to take Fung Wah.

I'm the same way. I find it hard to knit in the car and have to bring simple things like stockinette in the round or garter stitch.

I found this sweater a very quick knit myself. I love mine!

I knit in the car, but I was wondering if any one else had the same fear that I do? I sometimes worry that we will get in a minor fender-bender and the air bag will go off, causing me to impale myself with knitting needles... no? Guess it is just me. How lucky you have mass transit!

yeah, the bus may be cheaper but keeps you from coming to knit with us at the point :( bummer for me. glad to hear that you can knit though! i can't do anything on a bus but stare out the window and listen to my ipod. even texting on my phone will give me motion sickness!

There's nothing wrong with stockinette! The sweater is moving right along. You'll be done in no time.

It amazed me when I was a student in Boston and discovered that I could read on the train without getting sick. It was a real life saver, homework-wise, seeing how I lived in Revere and rode all the way to Wonderland. I wonder why that is.

I'm the same way - in cars, too. I have to *see* where I'm going. I've actually gotten quiet sick on the Acela, too - of all things.
Lately, I've just given up and been flying. *No* idea why that doesn't make me motion sick.

Your sweater is really coming along quickly. It looks great! I have no idea what Acela is, but that's OK.

Motion sickness is hit-or-miss with me. I can never read, but sometimes knitting is no problem, other times it is. I have to practice knitting without looking again. It is not my forte unless I am planning a random slip-stitched pattern ;).

Hi Colleen,
I used to hate doing the sleeves to a sweater,until I
started making them both at the same time ,using a longer circualr neddle and two balls of yarn. Makes things go a lot faster or at
least it makes me feel like it does.

I, too, sometimes have trouble knitting in the car, but not in the train, not ever. Whether I sit in direction of travel, or the sideways seats. A mystery, indeed!

I've been thinking about making this sweater ever since Shannon posted the pattern. Unfortunately, it's usually quite warm here in CA so I rarely (ie, never) wear turtlenecks. I'm thinking of turning the pattern into a boatneck so that I'll get more wear out of it. Love seeing your progress!


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