Mo' Better Indeed!

Upon seeing the most recent photo of my T-strap booties a friend's daughter commented that they looked like robots. After she mentioned it I had to agree.

Good thing that they didn't stay like that for long:


I'll admit that I put off finishing these until the last minute, and I mean the very last minute. Who knew that you could attach buttons while riding the Green Line? Gearing up for finishing takes me a long time. Once I begin, I find that I'm sucked into the rhythm of seaming, but getting myself in that chair with darning needle in hand can take some trickery. Here, the thought of being the only person at the shower without baby booties in hand was a huge motivator.

The Details:

Pattern: Simple T-Bar Shoes from 50 Baby Booties to Knit by Zoƫ Mellor.

Yarn: Lucy's fabulous merino-tencel hand-dyed sock


Oh, they're adorable. I know what you mean about finishing. I have at least four things in the house that just need to have about four tails each woven in, and of course, the blocking needs to be done.

Oh, so precious, Colleen! And well worth the time and effort of seaming.

Very sweet, and a beautiful gift!

those are SO cute!!

They are soooooo cute!!!!

Great job!

Very cute! Great colors for booties. I'm sure Mom and the baby will be impressed.

I was thinking they looked like medieval (sp?) helmets.
They are *very* cute sewn up.

they turned out really cute!

absolutely beautiful.
you will be the hit of the shower!

Colleen, I agree with everyone, too cute! All of that seaming makes me nervous, but those look great!

Those are wonderful! The pre-seaming pic was pretty cool too! Excellent booties!

I was thinking fencing masks. Hehehe

They are absolutely adorable. Think it would be possible to massively increase the size of the pattern? Do some for adults?

too cute . Love the colors!

btw, you've been tagged. Visit my blog for the details. Jan 13 entry

I know they have BOOKS on how to crochet from a knitting pattern .. does anyone have any tips on knitting FROM crochet patterns?

Aw, they turned out beautifully. Lucky baby!

I love them, Colleen! I can't wait to see wee one in them. Thank you so much!


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