Mo' Better Booties

Will these booties be more better than the last pair that I knit?


Who the heck knows? I hope that you all can see how the shoes will take shape. The "sole" is at the bottom of the piece. The "upper" is knit above it. I'll seam the back of the upper, and then join it to the sole (or vice versa--I don't know right now what the instructions say.)


wow, those are just strange looking when they're knit flat like that :)

ha! very odd. but once you explain how it works, then it's obvious that it's a little shoe.

Very interesting. Can't wait to see the finished booties!

They look more like vice clamps than booties.

Sew it seams (sorry, I couldn't resist!) that Miss Kate is a lucky niece! I guess the toes are facing each other? I'm having some trouble visualizing the finished product, but I know you'll show us soon enough.

I did the heels first I think. Those look great!

I love the way the colors stripe - very cute.

I am planning to make booties from Socks, Socks, Socks (xrx press). the sole is knit flat then the sides are picked up by double points--no seeming needed even on the upper. I-cord thru eyelets keep the booties on. I have fallen in love with superwash marino spun and dyed locally (I am currently making socks in dk weight for my middle child and had to buy more for this project). I know my boyfriend thinks I am nuts, but with such a small project I can splurge.

Wow, those do look freaky before they're seamed up! ;) Thanks so much for going through all that crazy knitting and seaming for wee one!


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