Lots of Progress

Over the weekend there was much progress on Shannon's sweater:


The front is finished. In her pattern, Shannon used shortrows for the neck shaping. I've done shortrows for heels, shortrows for chest shaping, and shortrows for shoulder shaping, but I this was my first time doing shortrows for neck shaping. It's a very nice detail, and I think that I will incorporate this technique into all my crewneck and turtleneck sweaters from this knit forward.


lookin' good, Colleen! :)

Every time I click on the link I like the sweater more and more. I think it may be time. Short row shaping is very intriguing.

It looks great so far!

Nice sweater. I like the color. Great job on the fundraising.

Very pretty sweater.

I love that color! Or is that the new cam?? It looks great.

Excellent progress. Interesting idea, the short rows there.

I just wanted to say congrats on the fund raising! I love the sweater, it is beautiful!

i am unfamiliar with short row shaping.. can you explain please? the color is delicious. and i too cngratulate you on the fund raiser... what a truly grand gift for rosies place.. thank you for your loving efforts..


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