You stay up to 4am New Year's Eve and it's bound to screw up everything for days. At least that happens when I stay up to 4am on New Year's Eve. Judging from the number of nightclubs that stay open until the wee smalls, there are people who do that every week. Now that's just hard core. Or insane. You decide.

Anyway, it is time to get this blog back on a schedule! Much progress was made on the T-Strap shoes.


Right now they look like two pieces that someone cut off of a sweater, but trust me that these are supposed to be a pair of very cute baby booties. I can't remember who commented last week about the ends, but yeah. For such a small project there are an insane (there's that word again) number of ends to weave in.

So, before I begin that step, these pieces need to be blocked flat. Finishing these booties before blocking would be a disaster. Or insane. You decide.


I love the colorway of these booties. Pink and brown together are such a lovely combination. I can't wait to see these when they are finished!

man.i thought they were maybe striping yarn.
they're going to be the cutest things ever, though.

So funny - I was up til almost 4 on NYE too - I stayed up way past my bedtime to get first dibs in the Cherry Tree Hill Yarn sale, couldn't go to sleep after that, and now my schedule's all messed up! I agree - lovely colorway - I think I made those a few years back...

i think, insane. you've got a theme going there! ;)

I agree with Gleek. Insane is the theme.

Oh, yeah. Total insanity. But I'm loving that colour scheme.

Or, some of stay up working all night every 4th. It's crazy. Really not good for your health!


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