Hat Details

As promised, here are the details of the two secret hats.

Double-Knit Snowflake Hat


Yarn: Valley Yarns Deerfield. Two balls, one in Burgundy and the other in Frost Grey.

Pattern: Alison's Doubleknitski Hat.

Needles: US6s

What I changed: I modified the pattern for a different gauge and slightly different measurements. I also added some colorwork by using five, self-designed snowflake charts. Johanna oh-so-kindly lended me her Fair Isle pattern book to me for inspirational purposes. It worked. I had a lot of fun with a pencil and some graph paper.


Wavy Cables...Hat


Yarn: Valley Yarns Amherst. A smidge more than two balls of Burgundy.

Pattern: Nik's Irish Hiking...Hat

Needles: US8s, 16" circulars and DPNs

What I changed: I modified the pattern with the Wavy Cables motif that I used for the scarf. Instead of a four-stitch cable, like the scarf, the hat uses a six-stitch version.


Really love the double-knit hat! Especially the last time the color changes all the way at the crown.

I love the double knit hat - I've been looking fora pattern for a super warm hat, and that fits the bill. Your snowflakes are beautiful - I love the variations!

Most cute! Now it just needs to get wintery.

Love the hats and scarf really want to make them. By the by what is the name of the fair isle book you borrowed? I also have a store bought sweater that has seen its best days and I really want to try and make one for myself,but first have to teach myself fair isle...UGH thanks for the fun blog!

Love the hats -- I have been able to do Fair Isle with no problem (very 2 handed work) but I have not been able to modify cables for my left-handedness -- Any suggestions?


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