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I have a few ideas for these mittens (please note that the thumb is done and all ends have been woven in--yay me!).


First, remember those strings that your mittens came on when you were a kid? Why can't we have those as adults? Why should kids have the lock on mitten-loss protection? Hmmm?

My thoughts exactly. So, with help from an assistant (Yes, Subway Knitter has a knitting assistant. You got a problem with that?) I determined that I measured 52 inches from wrist to wrist. Or was that 53? Or 60? The assistant's results weren't very consistent. I was told that it had something to do with the fact that I wouldn't stop moving my arms long enough to get the same measurement twice. Whatever.

I have a lot of i-cording to do. Yes, this will be an I started with a crochet chain, but it seemed very flimsy. Then I started a three-stitch i-cord with US8s. Holy i-cord, Batman! Even a two-stitch was too chunky. So, I switched to US6s and cast on two stitches. I-cord bliss!


Now, I need to knit for 52 inches. Or 53. Or 60. Where did that assistant put my tape measure?


Brilliant! I always thought this was a great idea for adults too - or at least for me (I can keep a pair of mittens without losing one for a month maybe - ok maybe a week). Consequently my hands are cold. I've vowed not to buy any more mittens since I'm a knitter - but I've never made mittens before. I'll have to take the plunge soon - before it gets too warm to wear them! Good job crafty girl :)

I put a crochet-chain on the pair of mittens I made for my three year old, and he refused to wear them until I picked it off! Argh! I made it too long and you're right, crochet is too flimsy.

But the idea of knitting all the i-cord sent me over the edge. Cheers to you for actually doing it.

I have wanted to do that FOREVER but I just couldn't bring myself to icord for 60+ inches.

What's an i-cord?

I'm so lazy, I just took the cord out of the bottom of my son's jacket (which he would never have used) and sewed them to his mittens--but I found out it doesn't work if the length isn't right! Try it with your coat to make sure you can move your arms out front comfortably, but that it isn't so long, the mittens hang way down when off.
Good luck!

What a great idea! Can't even think about all the gloves/mittens I've lost as an adult. The rule is the more expensive the pair the faster I lose one.

i think that you need this:

several of the spiders have it and love it for making i-cord. very quick!

Now you can stand at the subway stop and swing your mittens back and forth! It does wonders after a long day at work.

Great idea! I would error on the side of making the i-cord -- um cord -- a tad short, since I'm sure it will stretch.

I have the Embellish Knit, and let me tell you, it is fantastic! My grand-mother used to let me play with hers when I was little, and I would try to crank it as fast as I could without tangling. So much fun :)
You know, maybe I should make a cord for my super fancy cashmere Anemoi mittens!

If you get tired of i-cording, you might try the Alaskan musher way of keeping your mittens handy, so to speak... they make loops at the cuffs, which can be worn around the wrist, or fastened to the neckline or belt of your parka. It helps to have them attached to you so you can slip your hands right back in after adjusting your dogs traces... :)

Knitting knobby!
Or nancy/spool/whatever.

Don't bother looking for the tape measure! Did you know that humans are basically square? Your wingspan (fingertip to fingertip) should be the same as your height. Just subtract off the length of your hands, and that will be your wrist to wrist measurement. Voila!

Oh. My. Lord. I would be banging my head on the wall.

60 inches of I-cord is 5 feet of I-cord.
I'm just saying.

Not that that's a bad idea, just the opposite, actually. And if you manage to attach it to the mittens so that it would appear to be growing out of them....

Absolutely make it on the shorter end. That stuff stretches like crazy.

Delurking during Delurking week to say "What a great idea!" That's why I read your blog. Great ideas & of course, the secret subway knitting photos!

In general, your wingspan is as wide as you are tall. So substract the length of your hands (remember that you have 2) and you won't have to rely on your assistant!

LOL my mom did that for us and all of our mittens! I will have to try it.


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