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People I am spent! It's been a long week, and I cannot think of a more creative title than this one. Sorry you're stuck with it for today--or quite possibly the weekend, as I might give the blog a little weekend vacation. Shannon's sweater is going swimmingly well. But, really, I think that with this particular project you (the reader) would rather see huge dramatic leaps in progress and not, knit three more rows, knit three more rows, wow, did four today, for post after endless post.

Here's the thing: this sweater seems anything but endless. No offense, Shannon, I had expected a mostly stockinette sweater to start to drag by about now. But this one is not! Perhaps I'm just so eager to have my own version to wear while the weather is still cold. Or, perhaps I'm just in need of some happy knitting.


Now, "Happy Knitting". That would have made a fantastic title for this post.

Happy knitting to all this weekend! I'll be back just after noon today to announce the raffle results.

[Final raffle update: my charity raffle ends today at noon (12:00 EST). So far you wonderful readers have donated just over $1,400. Wow! I can't believe it. Remember, if you give to Rosie's Place in any amount via the PayPal link on my blog you are entered to win your own pair of the Amazing CharlieCard Mittens, custom knit by moi or one of two beautiful shawl pins by Leslie Wind or Chris at Scotts River Crafts. Each of these ladies kindly donated an example of her metalworking to my raffle, and I appreciate it very much.]


Hi Colleen,

I read your feature article in the Metro this morning, and I just wanted to say it was an interesting piece - You made a new fan!

Maybe I'll spot you on the metro with your elusive knitting needles some day, haha. 'Til then, knit on!

I'm sure you'll get a lot of comments like this through today.

:) Georgia

I love how cozy that sweater is going to be. :)

My friend cut out the Metro article about your raffle/website to give me. I just started knitting over the holidays and am addicted. Every woman in my family knits, so I figured it was about time to learn. This site made my Friday!

i'm sure you're gonna love that sweater when you're done with it! sometimes the most simple of knits are the ones that get the most wear.

i just donated to rosie's place. i want to see you hit your goal!! but you don't need to include me in the raffle :)

Wow, you are really powering through that sweater -- you're going to be done in no time!


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